LIMITED-TIME CONTENT ☕️The Sugar Spoon Cafe☕️

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  1. None of these avis make me think of a cafe
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  2. How do I access the story? I bought a card but have no story?
  3. I feel like tier 1 female is the best one 😌❤️
  4. It's mentioned in that FAQ that if u restart the story pass after you complete it, you'll have enough Coffee Coins to obtain all of the avi!
    Imo, the coin option issa good idea cos it benefits those that can't complete story pass in time but want higher tier avis, and it doesn't penalize those that finish the pass.

    Usually refreshing/restarting the app helps. Do check ur phone icon to see if thrs a prompt cos sometimes the quest lays dormant (The first step is to select fem/masc love interest before the story pass can commence)
    If restarting doesn't help, u might wanna send a help ticket to the devs

  5. The male avis r cute idk what you mean 😪
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  6. Why put all 4 avatars into the same box when you know what avatar you’re getting when you open it? 🤔 When I said I wanted avatar boxes you can open like in the past, I meant I wanted it to be a surprise what avatar you were getting.
  7. Hi. If I'm not mistaken, I think we're supposed to get random avis from the coffee boxes. Those coffee box avatars are second versions of the ones from the story pass.
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  8. I just want to say that the story is very cute so far.
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  9. The boxes have different avi versions in them? And we can get enough coins to get all avis? So there will be a total of (2*4+1+3+4+5)*2 = 42 total coins?
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  10. Buying storypass. 🖤
  11. Lol. That Tier 4 male avi though. 😂
    When an Anne Rice vampire gets a night job at Starbucks? Is that the inspiration?
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  12. buying VIP story pass for 8b! wmis 😊💕
  13. So we can get 42 coins? To get the box and the shop Avis? @ATA-Will

    I really hope so because I want all of the avatars.
  14. I quit the story thinking it restarted for non vip gold pass and now I can't buy the coffee cups or Avis. They disappeared. How do I get them now?
  15. Oop. Just needed to restart the game. They're back but the story is gone. Sad but it cool.
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  16. Buying story pass wmis please
  17. how do i restart the story pass? pls help 😭
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  18. My friend wants to buy the story pass. Please wall me🤗
  19. Are the Cute Cafe Uniform drops supposed to have stats or nah? Previous story passes had these kinds of “collect 5” tasks and they were small 30k misc items. Crowns and wands, were in one, for example. Disappointed if this is intentional.
  20. help, how do i restart the story?