Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

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Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby HuckleberryMoose » Nov 8 2012, 8:51am

NB--Chef_Eric Guide to Growing Up in the Pworld.

There are two categories you need to fully comprehend to start growing in PIMD.

Before reading this guide, go use all your strength/intelligence doing jobs. By the time you are done reading it should have regenerated.

1.) Upgrading
2.) Farming

If you are reading this its because I have.offered to volley you to 250m. What I require is that you read this and then message me and explain it to me in simple terms. This is so I know that you understand the concepts and can apply them once I volley you.

First I will volley you to 50m. I will expect to see some upgrades before I volley you further. This is just so I know you can and will upgrade before investing more in you. Once you upgrade I will volley you to 250m and we can go from there.


T1 - tier 1 renter, 1,000. Lvl 1 - Freshman
T2 - 225k. Lvl 2 - Sophemore
T3 - 16m Lvl 3 - Junior
T4 - 600m Lvl 4 - Senior
T5 - 10b

KCS - K means 1,000 and CS means combined stats. 2500/2500 - 5kcs.


Follow the steps to upgrading and you will do well. If you already have more than one renter leave them in the room until you have the money to replace them according to the steps.

My advice is to keep your stats even because being weak on one side makes you more vulnerable to hits on that side. It will also make you look like a farm if they are really uneven. So if you rent a Jock, also rent a Hacker, etc...

Step 1: Buy 6 dorms and rent them to T2 renters. Then upgrade them to lvl 4
Step 2: Buy 2 more dorms and repeat step 1. Do this till you have 12 dorms.

You should have 12xT2 lvl 4 renters now and your stats should be about 5kcs.

Step 3: Buy two room and rent 2 T3's. Repeat this until you have 18 dorms.
Step 4: Upgrade two T3's to lvl 4. Repeat this until all 6 have been upgraded.
Step 5: Replace your T2's with T3's until all 12 are replaced.
Step 6: Buy 2 dorms and rent to T4. Repeat this step twice.
Step 7: Replace the 12 NON-UPGRADED T3's with T4's.
Step 8: Buy all the rest of your dorms. Fill with whatever size you want.
Step 9: Replace all renters with T5's and upgrade them.

Once you have upgraded all T5s it is called LCBC - land complete Build complete. At this stage you will have 1.4mcs. This is the maximum you can have in PIMD so far.


Farming is the process of doing battles (fights/dance-offs) against inactive players. These players have been set up by much bigger players for the purpose of building tuts like you. Most don't actually have a player playing them.

The best way to farm is to hit them three times then regenerate your S/I. Then repeat.

When farming tuts give you a cash bonus. This is based on how much you have PAID for tuts. Not how much their stats are. At 5kcs you want to start building about 20m worth of tuts. They also give a stat bonus that helps you defeat your opponent so still look for good stats when hiring tuts. I reccomend about 400 CS for 200k.

Dance offs pay more than fights.

Once you have upgraded to 5kcs you should begin farming the following. They are listed smallest to largest. *note* hit the side that is weaker. Ex: 5400/900 do dance off.


There is a big jump in stats needed to farm kilbalt so be patient, save up and upgrade as you can.

once you have successfully hit one of the farms, message me with the amount you got from the first hit only and I will send you a nice gift.

At this point you have 5kcs stats and are farming. Once you have saved up 50m wall me and say "50m complete" and I will double it when I have time to volley with you.

This is all you need to know to begin growing but I am including some more tips below that you should read. You don't need to explain these to me but I am more likely to help you if you understand this stuff.

World chat - if I find you trying to get hired on world chat I will be pissed and not help you. If I volley you to 250m and you get hired just once it will cost me another 20,000,000 to hire you back. If you intentionally cost me that after I help you that's uncool. Instead of begging for free money like a homeless loser do your part and earn your money by farming it. You can farm 30m a day at 5kcs. That's way more than getting hired.

Vollies - when I give you cash it is done by doing volleys. This is where we pick another player and we both hire that player back and forth until the player costs more than you can afford. When you do a volley with me, don't go chatting or text someone or back to work in real life. Cause I am going to be just sitting there waiting for you. Focus on the volleys for 5 minutes and we can get them done in no time. Please realize that I have done a lot of volleys and I can tell when your not focused on them. Don't tell me your phone is slow either, even a 2g connection can do vollies because its a text based transaction that requires very little data exchange with the server.

When doing volleys, just keep pressing hire, the game doesn't show the update as fast as it actually happens, so it will look like you still own the tut when really I have already bought it from you and it just hasn't sent the message yet.

It will also look like your losing money if you do it that fast. Your not. The server just can't keep up with the transactions as fast as we volley.

After the volley go to your home screen and wait. It will update and show you how much you made from the volley. Always tell me how much you have after each volley.

As my tut, if you want to do extra volleys follow these steps.
Step 1: find a new player who is active
Step 2: have them read this.
Step 3: wall, not pm, me their name
Step 4: have them wall me "I have read your tut building guide" and follow me.
Step 5: once I follow them back tell them to explain the 2 concepts I hhave outlined to me. So I know they are ready to start building.

If you do this I will volley that player with you to your max, or 250m whichever's first. And probably send you a nice gift.

That is pretty much it. If I have more to add I will post it on here as a reply.

Please don't reply to this thread so I can keep it clear for posting more information in the future.
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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby SVG-TheFaLLenFenrir- » Nov 8 2012, 9:33am

._. Well, if nobody posts it won't stay on active topics.
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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby *-MW_BubbleTea- (01) » Nov 8 2012, 9:49am

 what he said 
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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby Ferocious_Saint » Nov 8 2012, 9:49am

 Good job Eric! I hope your tutors read this and other potential tutors do too and you can help them! 
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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby GrandMaster-Dan » Nov 8 2012, 10:03am

I like some of this but it comes off with an attitude that is helpful but well ... I didn't like the other part.

Guide is very helpful but your part about how to upgrade is the seems slow, but effective way. I just hope you encourage them to save money and not upgrade at any chance they have We wouldn't want people to go broke after each upgrade  besides that good guide.
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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby *tabitha16 (01) » Nov 8 2012, 11:21am

But why is it posted 4 times? 
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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby HuckleberryMoose » Nov 24 2012, 6:13pm

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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby *xXxBaby_Barbiee1xXx (01) » Nov 25 2012, 6:56am

It is helpful and DOES come off with a certain attitude , but i found that attitude amusing and helpful in a way . 
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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby -Crystals_Banana_Buddy- » Nov 25 2012, 6:57am

Sticky pls .-.
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Re: Chef Erics Tut Building Guide

Postby Chikadee » Nov 25 2012, 7:19am

I think it was very well thought out and a great guide but I only disagree with one thing. When upgrading you should always upgrade to seniors before replacing another. One Senior is stronger than 2 sophomores. But other than that great job 
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