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  2. What I think of India... I believe India is a country, why? Because that's what Wikipedia says. I've never heard of the person you mentioned above
    I also know that a lot of Indians think cows are sacred, they throw corpses at a river called Ganges and they worship a god called Ganesha. I like how the women dress. There's a lot of poverty in some places but there's also a lot of kindness. I'm not sure but it seems some Indian women get married in a red saari which is the name of the feminine traditional clothes which are gooooorgeousss.
  3. This made me laugh cause I'm indian and it's false
  4. Woah! That's interesting!??
  5. ? I thot you were white.
  6. A lot of Indians come in to where I work because we can substitute meat with beans LOL and most of the ones I've met are really funny and super nice. So I think they're awesome from what I've seen. \_(ツ)_/¯
  7. How interesting,your life thinks the same about you
  8. Fine ppl from south India suck ?
  9. But you ain from South India,yet you suck
  10. Indians are great ?
  11. I've spend a considerable amount of time in south India tho
  12. I've had some bad encounters with snobbish Indians at work, but I'm not prejudiced or naive enough to think all Indians are similar. I've met maybe one or two genuinely sincere Indians, but I don't think their nationality should be credited for their kindness. Anybody can be kind or a complete douche. It doesn't matter where you're from.

    As for the prime minister, I know nothing about him.
  13. But isnt as smelly as your butt?
  14. I'm european and I honestly have a lot of indian friends that I met them here in this game . And from what I see till now none of them are mean or disrespectful . So no reason to hate or to speak bad about India and it's fellow citizens . ?️
  15. Lol Its all fun and games

    And then something gets blown up bruhh
  16. When i worked at a store, I shared my job with quite a few Indians. They were really nice and friendly. And oh i love their food
  17. But there's this one person from southern India that sucks, and I mean literally