EVENT Work Like a Charm

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  1. The botanist desk would look great in your dorm, no hunt required 👍🏼
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  2. Okay so I guess experience players know how Avi are divided. But I'm not

    I know bartenders are in vegas boxes & the vegas king & queen are part of the JD work like a charm hunt.

    Where are the other 4?
  3. I also realized the Pim Key box has 2 dealers or whatever but still cant find the LAST 2 girl in tux & purple tux
  4. Those are at the end of the 3rd side story (or 4th side story if those are the VIP colors). The 3rd side story was released at changeover, and the 4th will be released on Friday at changeover. I haven't officially updated yet with the 3rd side story information, but you can keep an eye on the Stories Tiers and Rewards thread in the future.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. where would I find that?? 👀👀
  7. I love the 3rd story guy more than the girl 🙈🙊
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  8. Just gotta find someone selling, I have it in my showcase if you wanna see what it looks like tho :^)
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  9. Make the daily XC permanent 🥺❤️
  10. I know I'm late late, but just stopping by to drop my compliments because I LOVE the new daily XC and I want it to be permanent so bad.
    It inspires me to be more active here, it's great having a new daily goal and trying to keep it up.

    Awesome idea! 💖 Thank you.
  11. Keep the daily xc thing, is really helping everyone
  12. I love that it helps the smaller members get the avatars.
  13. players not members 🤦🏽‍♀️
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  14. The daily XC thing is awesome, it helps newer players get further in the hunt too, it would be a great thing to keep!
  15. Please keep the Daily XC around it really benefits players and keeps people active. Win-Win 🤷🏻‍♀️💖
  16. The daily XC is awesome, I noticed I've been way more active with that one around
    Is it gone? I can't see it anymore
  17. Please bring back Daily xc in the future! It encouraged me to be more active and I was more active during this hunt than I have been in past hunts, and I didn’t even like this hunt lol
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  18. I'm quoting this because I've seen a LOT of people echo this statement.
    Thank you so much for adding that feature, even if it was seasonal or whatever
  19. Exactly and it also gives dns which can be saved for invite sessions or bf hunt
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