[WINNERS] Drawtober 2022

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  1. Drawtober 2022 Winners

    After long deliberation, our judges have gotten together and selected some truly spooky winners! As a reminder, Phobia and I judge based on the concept and not craftsmanship. Our goal is purely to challenge each entrant to expand their creative boundaries and expand upon the theme given.

    Phobia and I would like to thank every participant for continuing to support creativity and challenging yourself each year. We truly couldn't have had such an amazing event without you all!

    Participation Prizes

    Congratulations to all our participants who managed to participate in all four themes! As always we'll be sending a small gift your way.

    Here are our fantastic participants who made it through:

    Theme 4: This Is Halloween

    This actually ended up being one of our favorite entries since it brought such a realistic and relatable portrayal of the Halloween experience!

    Theme 3: Thriller

    Beautifully bright and colorful! We both couldn't help but feel the energy that this image radiates.

    Theme 2: Hocus Pocus

    Such a magical and daydreamy vision! The choice of color was excellent here, and the posing of the person here really makes for an excellent entry.

    Theme 1: Monster Mash

    You really set the standards high here and had such a unique take on the theme. We could barely tear our eyes away from this.

    Mod Favorites

    Unlike past years, we invited a few friends to come to pick out their personal favorite entry! A big thank you to each of them for helping out!






    Overall Winner

    In each theme, you brought out something entirely new, and provided interesting and fresh ideas! From the foreground to the background of each image it was clear that you put much thought into the overall theme, and worked hard to make each piece cohesive through and through. It was inspiring watching your process throughout this event. Truly well done!!

    Prizes will be sent out shortly!

    Please contact @Day or @Phobia with any concerns or suggestions.
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  2. These entries were insanely hard to choose from! It was also nice to see people from previous years come back for Drawtober 2022 🖤🎃
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  3. Congratulations everyone!
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  4. Wait it was thriller? The thingy said rille tho
  5. Also yous say its never based on how good it looks but its always the pro artists that win
  6. Congrats to the winners 🥳
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  7. [​IMG]
    Yes. It was Thriller.
    We’ve never had a repeat winner across any category in all three years of hosting Drawtober. So I’m not sure what you mean by “always the pro artists”. There were definitely entries I personally enjoyed since they had great craftsmanship, but other people had a better concept.
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  8. Day worded it perfectly, and its also good to remember the golden rule that “art is subjective”
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  9. I still only see rille 😶
  10. I do not know how to help you then.
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  11. The other letters hidden in the shadows or something?
  12. Thank you for choosing my enrty as the winner for fourth week theme 🥺
    Also thank you to the mods for hosting, this contest made me start touching my art supplies again and being more productive, im gonna try to keep it and doing this hobby more in the future.
    Congrats to all others winner, and all participants, all did amazing job in this contest, and inspire me with all the fang-tastic entries 😻
    Cant wait for next year drawtober, im gonna try to improve my art when it comes 💖💖💕
  13. Thank you! It wasn't exactly what was in my mind, but I'm glad it was understood, ty for hosting

  14. I Feel my entries were far from "pro" and I'm sorry you misread 'thriller' I very much enjoyed your entries! 🖤
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  16. Congrats to everyone! There was so many amazing drawings and entries!🤗

    I had a good time,thank you for hosting the contest💕
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  17. Congratulations to all the winner but mostly to all the participants, every entry was as unique and inspiring. Thanks mod for always finding ways to let us create and participate. 💕💕🤗
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  18. Congratulations everyone!
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  19. Thank you so much 💜
    Honestly the witch was my favorite to create and make come to life so I'm ECSTATIC that I won!

    Congratulations to everyone🎉
    This year, like all others, was a blast 💫
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  20. Congratulations to all! 🥰💖
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