Why dont tutors get a choice? What is consent?

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  1. Agreed. Cash given to tutors should not be capped at 1m but should continue to increase beyond that.
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  2. Agree with you, 100%.

    I've seen a lot of new players on world chat asking to be hired away from their pupils. Building a bond with your pupil is nice, and once you get hired away, the only thing that would change is the pupil name on your profile, and you could no longer talk to them in Tutor Chat, which wouldn't matter much if you're friends with the ex-pupil.

    I get what HaBaek was trying to say though, that its harder for smaller stat players especially newer ones who don't understand how these things work. But I don't see how having a "lock" feature would work.
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  3. I think that its better to teach newer players about the option to block someone who's harassing them.
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  4. I agree with kefo for once. 1m might've been a big boost back in dinosaur times, but when the game only really starts to pick up once you hit tier 7 dormmates, 1m is nothing.

    I think it should still be limited absolutely, but 1m is negligible.
  5. 1m pimd money = half a penny irl money. Pritty much
  6. Why do you think there should be a limit tho?
    The payout to tutors is actually already kinda negligible at ~1/250th-1/300th of Hire Value
  7. ^ taking the example of volleying someone to 300m, which is when it caps, they actually make 1/3rd of that much money. 100m.

    So volleying someone to 1T would net them 300b (enough for one T8).

    And then whatever else they can upgrade from those funds is normal across the market. It would just mean more stats for everyone with the same cost. But at 4-5mcs, the stats that currently justify a 1T price tag, 300b won't mean much.

    And that significance decreases at even higher stats.

    It wouldn't break the game, would remove an element of artificiality, and uncomplicate the code and calculations we make about volleying tuts.
  8. I would just like to say the idea of something to be done is appealing, and I am glad people are talking about it.

    I understand the idea that just because the person isn't your pupil doesn't mean you can't still chat or be friends.

    However, people that take advantage of others by hiring off them just to spite them and continuing to do so because they are bigger, or hiring the other person because they didn't want to buy their stuff then dropping their value and keeping hostage shouldn't be something we are okay with.

    Because that is harassment and bullying. That does affect the tutor and overall game play. I myself have almost left the game on multiple occasions due to other people saying, its just a game. Or that they dont care what I think. They've bullied smaller accs causing them to quit early and not be able to enjoy the game.

    Hopefully more people can post here and say about their experiences.
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  9. Your hire value does not effect your game in any way. Its not harassment or bullying to drop someones hire value. If anything it helps you more coz you are then under priced and can get vollied again to get even more cash. The only person that loses anything when dropping someones hire value is that person thats doing it. They lose cash each time they drop you lower.
    You are making this out to be a bigger problem then what it is. I understand you. I was like you when i was a noob to. But once you understand that your hire value and pupil effects your game in no way then you will be happier coz wont be stressing and getting fuckd off about shit that doesn't matter
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  10. I don’t understand why they give such a poor payout 😵‍💫 I’d support increasing this
  11. Which I have seen, experienced, and recognize as a pattern. Forums is meant for discussion not stupid arguing like most are trying to incite. While many things don’t affect the tutor unless they let it, it can be hard for a newer player to do just that when all they want is to enjoy the game at hand. A good pupil or friend would try to help a newer player. That is being taken away when they are hostaged for malicious purpose.
  12. Ya and I know it doesn’t have any true affect but it will be annoying and rather frustrating for the player even though they don’t entirely understand what’s going on.
  13. It’s interesting how the OP brought this up after having done more or less same thing to others.
  14. OP I see where you're coming from, but imagine if people were allowed to pick who owned them... What would that mean for smaller players? Sure they could have a pupil and tutor bond amongst smaller players as they don't probably really know many of the stronger players or have formed any real bonds here in pimd yet.

    if such a thing was allowed it would tear away the concept of Why we need tuts and that is to help us make additional money from parties and pvp it would quite literally almost become a Popularity contest. There really isn't much social points from tuts to pupils maybe if you're a small player and have a veteran player giving you pointers, or you're an already experienced player and your Pupil likes to make sure everyone is growing there are pupils out there like that believe it or not.

    To touch on people who get their Tuts stripped from them and drop volleyed unfortunately thats really just part of the game very rarely in my time have I seen someone strip a player then drop volley tuts that kinda doesn't make any real sense to me as the stripping player would lose a lot of money in doing so. The way the feature is also currently set up also allows for players to choose from a variety of other players based on their price and stats which means if your tut is hired away from you and out of your range to buy back you can simply search for the price range of a tut you want and buy them.

    For newer players getting into the tut market try hiring inactives they're less likely to hired away from you try to check and see if they have a Current pupil and if they do see if that pupil is active or not if they are not active easy peasy hire.

    If they are active and they have something in their status or on their wall like "Do not hire My tuts" you have two options

    1) Wall/Dm them asking if you can hire one of their tuts give them the name, sometimes they'll say yes, sometimes no

    2) if they say no, they can't legitimately keep you from hiring that tut because Tutors are free market meaning anyone can hire them at anytime so long as they have the money to purchase or rehire that tut.
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  15. It can become bullying and harassment however when they continue to do this after being told to stop multiple times. I no longer worry for myself who is hired and who is not. Although yes if I lose an active tut it can be a pain, its no big harm.

    However, when someone is continually hiring and dropping just to spite another player, that isn't very fair, and causes new players to quit so early on.

    I appreciate your attempt at empathy but youre missing the vital point. When someone says stop, it means stop and there are people out there that will continue to do these sorts of things just to upset them. There should be something done about this, because even if they block that person, they can still hire and drop them and volley so they are stuck with that person as their pupil. That's quite cruel.

    All I wish to say is that, there should be a way to prevent that sort if thing happening. Because that is bullying. Like I said in my original comment.
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  16. Its not bullying and its not why noobs keep quitting so fast. But pritty much....this is a pvp game. If you dont like pvp then find a new game to play. Its not cruel to have a pup you don't want. As i have said...block them if you don't like them or pay someone to keep you. It doesnt effect your game in any way who your pupil is. I literally havnt even talked to a single pup ive ever had and my game is still fine. The only one making you get shitty is you. You control how you react to things. If you wanna keep a tut then price them so that you can keep them. Dont hire active tuts if you cant keep up with their value. Its all simple shit stop making it such a huge issue coz it's really not
  17. Whenever I don't like my pup i post in campus and pub "Hire me till 1T my pup gonna keep"🥱
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  18. I read somewhere in one of the threads in the forum that a possible solution to something like this is to educate newer players about PVP, especially through the tutorial when you first begin a game. This also includes what is bullying and harassment and what is not. Another way can be linking them to our forum guides that have already been made as well. But, the end all be all is that it won’t stop being a “problem” if the continuous answer is to “shut up” about it rather than educate. It’s a learning experience. It does get tiring saying the same thing over and over again, but for newer players who are thrown to the wolves? Not really fair.

    I found PIMD through an instagram ad and the ad never showed PVP as a fundamental part of the game. Instead, I was shown you could change dormmates, change your avatar, and change your room to different furniture styles. This also included a youtube video someone was sponsored to make where they did not show any PVP mechanics.

    By saying PIMD has always been a PVP game may be true older players, but to newer players who just recently joined, it’s not. I’ve heard over the years it’s shifted to accommodate players who prefer partying, furniture hoarding, rather than stats and PVP.
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  19. It might not be in the ad but pvp is still a core part of the game and tutors also help with plunder in parties.
  20. For sure. And I think that’s what should be explained to questions of “Why are you hiring me?” since most often than not, those are the questions you’ll be asked. Or, “stop hiring me because so and so”, which at times is complied, but most of the time, is not due to it being part of game mechanic and max plunder.

    So with the zappa