Why dont tutors get a choice? What is consent?

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  1. Thank you everyone for your insight 🤠
    If forum stays a live for a bit longer I’d like more stories/experiences/opinions. This is a mere topic to create discussion.
  2. It was. It was a good time to reset an alt on someone in sfw
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  3. Maybe, what if there's a limit on hiring 🤔 like there's a limit on how low you can hit. Something like, you can't hire a 30B tut if your ass itself is like 5T. Roughly speaking, this should create a zone where there's kind of a balance?
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  4. New players need volleying
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  5. Seems interesting. Would encourage newer players to help each other as well
  6. Would encourage them to volley each other, and thus generate themselves some baby COH anyways. Billions of PIMD bucks if you will
  7. I disagree that the tutor should have any say in them getting hired it is a core game feature and it only benefits the pupil other than having a direct line of communication to each other which you can also do in pm when you get hired away and if the new pupil is abusive or harassing you then you have the ability to block and they will no longer show up in your tutor chat. Also the pupil has the ability to price their tutors so high that no one will want to hire.
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  8. Always the voice of reason, Neil. The pupil only matters to the tutor if they choose to let it matter. The ONLY thing they lose by being hired from the “rl love of their life” or whatever excuse they use is tutor chat. Since they can still pm, that’s just not a huge issue. Affecting game mechanics to fix this is just a ridiculous idea.
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  9. Just coz someone gets vollied high it doesnt mean they got a fuck ton of cash themself. Also why should people lose max plunder just coz someone vollies them high. Also if someone not alllwed a 30b tut then how they gonna get vollied to 5t in the 1st place. Your idea is mega flawed
  10. Why you tryna make this game so fuckn pc. Its a game. Who your pupil is does not matter. If you dont like who your pup is block them or pay someone to hire you its not sex you dont need consent. Get over yourself stop making issues where there arnt any
  11. This world is turning to fuckn shit. Just full of sissys now days
  12. Correct. sissies
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  13. I agree that having overpriced tutors hired by other players just because it's an open market, however I just take the loss and move on with my day. For example, when a certain someone was force bumping many players tutors during/after july 4th promo, it was irritating knowing they made quite a bit of pixel cash from it and most people can't successfully land to "punish" them.

    Being able to "lock" tutors/pupils makes the tutor leaderboard useless. The only way I'd see a feature like this /kinda/ viable is if both players are active within a certain amount of time and choose the option to keep their tutor or pupil.
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  14. On another note, hostage hires aren't that big of an issue in my opinion and I'd do it again. If you don't want to interact with your pupil, then the block button functions just fine. If you're unhappy with your pupil, then find a friend who has enough cash on hand to hire you. If you get hired back then free dvp for your friend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you lose nothing and your friend makes some pixel cash.

    Open market for tutors has worked fine for almost a decade and I see no issue now for it to change.
  15. I’ll pay you 2b to hire me, Dino 😂
    Jk I don’t actually care much who my pupil is
    This forum was never about me, try a chill pill
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  16. Bruh i aint that rich 😂
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  17. :(
  18. Most ive had is 1.2t and it was insta gone on upgrading
  19. What’s that got to do with the tutor market?
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  20. I meannnnnn that would be a decent idea if they gave the tut a decent % of money after the hire 🤔