What's your favourites thing about PIMD

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  1. I love collecting stat items. That’s my absolute favourite thing. Also what I like
    About PIMD is I met amazing people on here, to whom I talk daily and have gotten really close with
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  2. I love collecting furniture, Avis and participating in the rate my dorm contest
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  3. Noob question: How to rate/vote someone's dorm in the game?
  4. You 1st have to join by creating your own dorm on the xcs. So you tap on it and put in your furniture you want to use. After that you can vote stuff
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  5. Fun and inclusive
  6. Thank you very much 💕
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  7. They used to be mine too back in the days, but now they're boring. I miss old forums and old forumers.
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  8. What's your problem with LGBT?
  9. People who dont follow strict christian rules are scary aparently
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  10. Hahahaha
  11. The creativity
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