What is the purpose of this game

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by solo143, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. In the grand scheme of things we exist, here in the now, that matters.
    "Everyone lives and dies" or as they say "the end" but the end is irrelevant because it has not happened, the end is what doesn't matter because it doesn't exist, yet. Something that does not exist, has no meaning, therefore it cannot matter.
    The now, the existing, the something in the grand scheme of things is what matters 💀💀
    In the end, you don't know that nothing matters, you may feel like nothing matters and that's all you, but reality of it, now in the present is that many things do indeed matter, but hey you have your opinion and I have mines. I'll leave it at that. Each their own pretty much and I'm not here to change anyone's mind lol
  2. How about but gets little easier and adds two more slots for opening boxes and more chances of winning on spinner and greater chances of furnitures. It’s so hard
  3. FYI I’m in school for cloud engineering, I enjoy a nice car
    Well said