STORY PASS Watch This Space πŸ‘½

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  1. So, the male agent is clearly the Doctor. The femme agent looks like Gabriel from Good Omens. πŸ€”
    I will gladly accept the Asari avi. Thanks.
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  2. Some people are really crying over cash passes. Lol.
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  3. You get what you pay forπŸ˜‚ 89ec for blah avi πŸ˜‚
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  4. You usually need to complete the cash pass first before you can activate EC. The only exception I’ve ever seen to that rule was the Masquerade story when they got rid of the cash story and only the EC pass was available.
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  5. Uh... yay for alien content??

    We've been asking for it for sooo long, and personally I really wanted it to be more fleshed out... Like a whole hunt with misc and furni, or at least a bigger variety of alien avatars...

    Guess we have to take what we can get. Not bad, but a little disappointing. Such a highly requested theme could use a bit more content. πŸ‘½
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  6. Y'all could have went way harder than this.
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  7. ATA releasing their newest story pass
    All the users:
    me though:
    Also, I swear I know how to use gifs.
  8. Was expecting a better stat item but I guess it’ll do
  9. Yuck
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  10. Honestly I love mass effect so I'm pretty happy the fem avi looks like an asari! I hope we don't have to use too many dns though trying to save for bf.
  11. noooo πŸ’”
  12. Did I read right that the cash pass is gunna drop male/female randomly? I don't mind so much except I never get the gender I want 🀭
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  13. I love this so much. The girl alien looks like Liara T'Soni From Mass Effect.
  14. Finally those aliens yall have been askin for hehehe πŸ‘½πŸ–€
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  15. Interesting
  16. Eww… no
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  17. How do we get these passes
  18. Tragic ☹️
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  19. Oooh neat! I know people in the Hunt Guesses thread have been hoping for alien content for a while. So instead of X-Files, is this PX-Files? Partying Extraterrestrials. I'll see myself out.

    Also the design on the aliens is super creative so yay to the art team.
  20. 89ecs for all avis! Yesssss finally a better priceπŸ™Œ
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