STORY PASS Watch This Space 👽

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  1. Kind of nice to have a shorter story pass.
  2. 6 MCs reward looks like a spinner item.
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  3. The female alien avi looks like an Asari
  4. I can’t tell which agent avatar is the female. 🙄 this pass could have been good…
  5. if i buy the cash pass first, can i buy the ec one later or does completing the cash pass prevent me from buying the ec one?
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  6. It's October. You could have gone all out. The aliens look like a knockoff from Mass Effect and the agents are just trying to be X-File. Come on guys...
  7. I think this is the worst design I’ve ever seen for a story pass 💀💀💀
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  8. The vip Avi seems nice but is it a disguised rip-off ? :)
    First mission of the $ story pass : party actions AND 3 dns ? some people here doesn’t spend cash on this game or simply are saving dns for special occasions like Black Friday. Forcing us to spend dns on a normal story pass is completely a rip-off.
  10. Well, so much for my gif.
    So here it is again. Or not. It didn’t work the first time.
  11. It's giving... bootleg X-files 😪
  12. It has aliens, so I am
    Here for it
  13. I'm already confused. The first task doesn't specify 300 party actions AND/OR use 3 DNs, so which is it?
  14. Really? More random avi grabs? I was already just barely dealing with the avi boxes from stories, as it’s rather annoying seeing new players struggle with it and leaving so fast when getting avis they don’t enjoy (when it’s as simple as giving them both or allowing a choice of masc/fem)- but now even the story passes require a full play through for the normal rewards?
    First of all, what a cheap way to try and money grab.
    Second, how do you expect newer/smaller players to successfully enjoy and play your game, with limitations like allowing ONE play through, a time limit, and constant requirement of things such as numerous DNs, cats, etc?
    And, this is my own thing- why do monster avatars have to be so.. appealing? Why do the “fem” aliens have to have breasts and a cutesy, ballerina pose? Idk, it just weirds me out to see. I’d love for some genuine, creepy / bizarre monster types for once. Artists did okay, the color work is gorgeous.

    I understand y’all are a company at the end of the day, but WHY make it harder to play? It would be so much better, and I genuinely believe more successful, if you would allow your players to PLAY your game. Who cares if someone doesn’t spend EC because they can’t pay for the options in the EC wall or get enough bentos to buy a pass- they simply won’t get VIP rewards. But you’re telling us that we can’t even get regular, plain rewards without paying up either?

    I always participate in passes, even after the pomegranate mess, as I’ve enjoyed the work and rewards (at least the cash one)- but I won’t be participating in this nor upcoming deals unless they’re worked out. Hard pass.
  15. This is so ugly lmao, big pass.
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  16. I’m happy they FINALLY did aliens but… like… it’s not very good lol I’m so disappointed
  17. It’s “And” when you check from outside 🌚
  18. Okay, thank you. My phone screen is so tiny, I can't see the whole task from outside 😅