The Dorm of Ever-growing Green

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  1. The start of a NEW YEAR! The doors are open and the campus is ALIVE with laughter and ambition. Like all souls, who find themselves taking the next step of their journey in PIMD, you never know who you will meet, where you will go, or how your path shall bloom🌷.
  2. Who are you? Are you a bright passionate leader who takes all who may follow to great heights, the support and family that makes the game of life worth the while, a ghost lost in the lacking ability to go on, or the strong ruthless loan wolf who conquers and devours everything in their line of sight? Whoever you may be one can only find out after leaving the starters club, not knowing you may never go back, and from then having to find your own way.
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  3. Gain, he is but another student of many fresh out of starters club. He feels it was a mistake to leave so early. The workings of PIMD are foreign to Gain. Knowing not the language of the other students who trade nor their drive and wisdom to surpass the stage of a default in the system, and he begins to fade and hover like a ghost.
  4. Gain, he is but another student of many fresh out of starters club. He feels it was a mistake to leave so early. The workings of PIMD are foreign to Gain. Knowing not the language of the other students who trade nor their drive and wisdom to surpass the stage of a default in the system, he begins to fade and hover. Like said before lost in the lacking ability to go on you parallel to that of a ghost.
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  6. He wondered the campus and looked through the school’s chat for info on how to jump back onto the wheel of life. For without a club there is no point in investing your time money and energy on going to this college. The clubs are where you get your strength and gain support. You get connections of all sorts. Sometimes the cheer of it all is a second family but it could also be the perks of stats and rewards given from top tier clubs.
  7. Oddly enough when all hope seemed lost gain was walled. It was a peculiar club called Dragon Eye 👁 and Phoenix Flame 🔥 that requested him to partake in their activities and join their club.
  8. This isn’t the first time Gain has heard this name. Whispers about dragon eye 👁 and phoenix flame 🔥 flutter about the halls. Gain doesn’t exactly know why but he does know there are people dying to get in, but you must be invited, they don’t except request.
  9. This is supposed to be great news! Gain really needed to join a strong club to help guide him. He would no longer feel lost in this school but he couldn’t help but ponder upon the fact that there was nothing special about him that would get their attention.
  10. At this point what could he lose? If push comes to shove he could always just leave the club. He filled out a club form, put his signature on it, and put it on their wall. Gain was frozen with wide eyes pointed towards the club’s wall. His form vanished before him as if he made a contract he could never take back. When he finally processed what took place he began to run like he was racing light and in no time he’s was in his dorm, fearing what may lie ahead.
  11. It’s now Tuesday 5:00am and Gain is suddenly awakened by his alarm. He groaned in his pillow, “how could I make such a mistake”!😫😭 Gains only class today is at 6:00pm and he was supposed to set his alarm for 5:00pm to warn him an hour in advance. “It’s all that creepy club’s fault. If I wasn’t in shock yesterday when I got back to my dorm I wouldn’t have been woken up so early”.😩 Then Gain was silent.
  12. There was something peeking at him through the window.🫣 What an inconvenient series of events Gain has been through as of late. It was dark outside but he could tell the figure was big and it had to have had wings. How could he be so sure? Well for one Gain’s dorm is on the fourth floor.😓
  13. I know, I know, so many mysteries. We have a secretive club🤫, a vanishing form 📄✨ 🗯✨, and a winged lurker.👀 It’s all very fascinating really, but I have a hunch Gain believes otherwise.🤭
  14. I’VE MADE IT THIS FAR IN LIFE!!!” Gain shouted, as if the increase in volume would magically give him strength, and screech away his fear. It did give him enough of a push to make him stand up from where he sat on his bed and take one step towards the window but he jumped when the creature swiftly shifted, then vanished.
  15. Gain was clutching his chest he could feel his heart beating at a rapid pace and his lungs fluctuating as he breathed heavily. Why does everything only ever vanish?😫 He questioned, knowing he wouldn’t get an answer. Even though he always gets surprised and confused, he had a strong hunch that these last few events were fated and he kept feeling the binding connection of it all.
  16. Now, let me tell you a little bit about Gain. He grew up in Phoenix Arizona. Coincidence, possibly. He was a desert kid for sure 🏜 🌵 but he spent most of his time in the city. There was no grass to sink his feet into just paved roads, sandy dirt, and cacti. Even so, Gain loved plants and gardening. He grew plants from the balcony of his apartment from when he was little to right before he left for college. From cacti to succulents to fruits, vegetables, flowers, and leafy plants that you don’t even find in the desert, it was his greatest pleasure to watch them all grow by the grace of his own hands. Naturally Gain ended up going to school for agriculture and horticulture so he could bring growing green life wherever he went, even to the desert. 🌱🌻🌿🌵🌳🌾🌷
  17. So now back to a past question what would dragon eye 👁 and phoenix flame 🔥 want with gain🤔 I mean why would they want an agricultural student from the desert out of all the other students attending PIMD❓ I suppose we would all just have to find out when he goes to his first meeting tonight at 8, for a letter 📃 had been left on Gains door from his new club, after the mysterious vanish of the winged lurker, summoning his presence.
  18. Gain did go back to sleep eventually. He then got up at the correct time and reluctantly went to class. It now 7:40pm and Gain is heading to his club. Finally some questions can be answered 😆!!!! With every step gain takes time seems to slow down. “ I must be insane for even thinking about going let along actually going” Gain panicked to himself.
  19. Oh is this an ongoing story? 👀
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  20. Yeah