Texas and Gunz

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  1. What you all think about Texas open gun carry shit? Dope? Lame? Dangerous? Crazy shįt be happening
  2. It doesn’t matter. They keep trying to make laws for people with guns when the people causing the gun problems aren’t following laws to begin with. There are far bigger problems that should be addressed and are instead ignored so people can keep arguing about shit that doesn’t matter.
  3. You can open carry in lots of states, not just Texas. Nobody walking down the street with a riffle is going to cause a problem. They stop problems from happening.
  4. I don't coz i dont live there so it doesn't matter to me. But a shown weapon is better then a consealed weapon coz at least you know its there
  5. Yeah, you can open carry in Pennsylvania with proper licensure and we're fairly culturally different than Texas.
  6. You can open carry in WV and OH too, no license required. I'm sure you can in a ton of states, but I only have first hand knowledge of those two.
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