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    This is a good topic and I have lots to choose from. However, I'm not the best writer so I'll go for my experience that can be explained the quickest.

    It was the summer of 2011, I believe. I was hanging out at grandma's all day, like most days. My grandma is a character.... strong-willed, nonetheless, and didn't care what anyone thought about her or our family. People thought a lot about our family, especially my grandma. I don't know how or why the rumors started, but it didn't matter. To everyone in our small, catholic community, we were evil. Not just like mean people, but evil. There were stories spread that my grandma was an evil bruja and made a deal with Satan to spawn my mom. They believed my mom to be the anti-christ and her children (me and my siblings) to be demons sent to taint their community. The people of our community believed this rumor so much, that they would yell at me and my siblings to get away from their children when we were playing with each other, "Get away, demon children. Go back to your bruja." 🤷🏽‍♀️ Oh well. We didn't mind much because we had each other to play with anyways. Plus, we didn't really understand what the community meant when they would yell at us like that. We were children, we didn't have any real concept of what evil was.

    Until it was time for bed.

    I don't know if our background had anything to do with it or if the community rumors sprung up for good reason, but what I do know is at grandma's house, no one would get a good night's sleep. Well, except grandma.

    Grandma's house was where I knee that when it got dark, I wouldn't be able to tell what was real or not. 10 years later and I still don't know for sure. But you need to sleep eventually, right? So, 11 year old me is getting ready for bed. I slept in a room at grandma's that had a unique sense of decor. My memory of the specific details fade, but the room was black, gold, and covered in giant mirrors.

    Don't ask me why. Grandmas....

    I only add these details because they're part of my memory, but I have no idea if they correlate to what would happen next.

    I don't remember falling asleep, but I remember waking up. Terrified. Unable to move. Unable to speak. Or maybe I was too scared to try?
    I couldn't see anything in front of me, not that the light illuminating behind me gave that option. The light casted from the lamp behind me conveniently stopped at the edge of the bed. Beyond that was darkness.
    It didn't take long for my eyes to adjust, my heart still pounding in fear for a reason I haven't figured out yet.
    What's.. that? In the darkness. A swaying silhouette. Now two... Now five.. seven? How many are there?
    My heart pounding so hard it feels as though it will burst through my chest. And those things..
    Now they're crawling towards me, all at once. I use the term crawling loosely, I don't know how to describe exactly how they moved, but they were coming closer.
    No! I must be sleeping! Close my eyes! Go to sleep!
    Ok. When I wake up, it'll be morning they'll be gone.
    They're even closer now! Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go to sleep!

    Only now, every time I open my eyes they get closer and closer.
    They won't touch me, this is a dream. They can't touch me. Go to sleep!

    Did I say they just get closer every time I close my eyes?.. Now they're on me.

    Ouch! Oh God, why do this hurt? What's happening?



    🤣 that's all. That's all I remember. I don't remember what happened after or if I was sleeping or if I was awake. Maybe it was sleep paralysis? This did happen before I knew that was a thing.
    Sorry, to end it like that, but I told you all, I'm not a writer🤣 I wrote what I remember happening and probably didn't even write it well🤣

    I hope you all were able to understand what I was trying to write. I hope you all enjoyed.
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  6. Henlo! You can check out
    this thread for pictures of all the VIP avatars + the process. This most recent & the ones in particular you are looking for is under Spoiler: VIP Roses (Red and Blue). Hope this helps! 🥰👍

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  8. check :rolleyes:
    . . .

    Golden Pothos
    Epipremnum aureum

    A green and yellow houseplant. Also called "devil's ivy," but you still shouldn't try to smoke it.

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