Story Pass: Neon Masquerade

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  1. Thanks for your patience, everyone! I'm still fighting a bad case of Mirror Lake possession flu 🌚
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  2. Sorry noob question. Is there a limited time to finish those stories once I buy the passes?
  3. All other story passes required the same quests, and the bad drop rate is normal. You would know this if you completed previous story passes. Some people are lucky and some are not.

    Love the story pass and definitely bought both m and f
  4. Get well soon and thank you. Love the event.
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  5. So glad I only got the female one first I’m loving these avis 😍
  6. You can sell a mask back I just tried and it worked. So glad it was fixable. :)
  7. Also wondering this ☝🏼
  8. Aahaaa!! Thank yooou!😘
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  9. yes there's no time limit.

    it's a pass to start the story. think of it as an RPG and you can get the dlc(roses) by playing the game, or spending more buying the founders edition and getting it right away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  10. I bought all 4 masks at once 😂 that wasn't smart of me to do, was it?
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  11. Gift me the male vip mask then thank you very much
  12. oh no 🥵 you need to wait a 8 hours or a day to try again for free, the horror is unimaginable 🤧
  13. That's not possible
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  14. 🤣🤣🤣💀
  15. What's another way of getting necklaces besides doing parties?
  16. Yes it is.
  17. They both start the same way using the same story, the ec ones will just have a longer story afterwards
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  18. U only get the necklaces thru parties
  19. They are giftable. Read the post sweets
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  20. I'm a little confused when it says to get the Rosa neon from an event box... as in like this hunts boxes?