Sign up now to play Project Kraken!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by pimd_admin, May 2, 2017.

  1. Already did any teasers or trailers for the game will be appreciated
  2. Count me in ️
  3. Oh fume, I guess you can be cute too.
  4. I signed up for this when it was first announced, got messages asking to confirm my email and stuff afterwards, but never actually got the invite. I cri
  5. signed up and never got a reply 
  6. Thanks bb ??
  7. I better get the name "Kraken" on this game 
  8. Lemme play it. I am a pro.
  9. I got a response on my other account but no email?
  10. Just so you can ignore more of us ?
  11. For all of you who are asking about the emails.

    If you have been confirmed in game you will most likely get an email after the sign up has closed.
  12. I want in in in in in
  14. Been ignored for the second time
  15. Waiting on my invite enail