Selling/Trading Items Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Boom, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. I seen a furniture thread but not an item one..

    I'm selling whatever interests the eye, also selling 3 bento's and some furniture pieces

    I'm posting here as well because ATA is being stingy with their speakers so contact me somehow if you're interested in anything

    - playboy out??
  2. Buying Doors To Spring
  3. Its been made a few times , no ones really uses them so its pointless making a thread for it.
  4. I didn't mr kkk cable
  5. Selling my soul
  6. how much?^
  7. 3 chibis and a zolt cola
  8. 3 chibi's and 3 zolt's <3
  9. ? 3.5 chibis and 7 zolts
  10. btw I'm selling frankenpugs
  11. 6 bento's now
  12. This is what WC is for.
  13. hey lil peanut brain did you not read that I said ATA didn't give me my 5? pls shut up :)
  14. btw slide in my pms if you have skull of flowers for sell
  15. Im selling my Table For 3 Dollar Made of Pure Wood. Guarantee 5 year long lasting as well as it changes Colour Everyday And a wonderfull thing about the Table is Its Worth 3 dollar ONLY.
  16. Wanna buy a skull of flowers  if anyone selling any
  17. 
  18. I'll take a dvp for my bento's pls slide ur way into my pms w ur money :)
  19. lol then wait till switch over or buy some ??‍♀️