Selfie Thread

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  1. Really?
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  3. I thort you was a chick coz your name thingy till seen your photo just before
  4. I could just be catfishing for a like in this thread. Y'never know.
  5. Well you lied before n got me in truble so wouldn't be siprized if lied again
  6. Me, lie? Not in my good Christian household. I rebuke you in the name of jesus.
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  7. I've never written a fanfic in my laif 😶 I do talk about writing stories a lot doe so ig the assumption makes sense?
  8. Yehh you did coz it didn't work n you said it would
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  10. 👀
  11. He lives in New Zealand.
  12. Then definitely not 😂
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  13. My work here is done. 💁🏼‍♀️😂
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  14. [​IMG]

    👀 just wanted to show off my shoes
  15. 🤤
  16. I literally didn't? since when is mentioning a person a domestic violence joke. You're the last person who should be dicating a joke when you don't even know what one is.
  17. Yes, post selfies with that thing on more if i don't have to see your fa-
  18. Please leave me alone
    I’m serious it’s not cute anymore
    You’re literally like a tumor
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  19. I thought Oni was female. No?
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  20. Stop assuming:(