LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Ringmaster Shard Box 🎪

Discussion in 'Events' started by ATA-Virgo, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. Ehh not really my type but that saves me money I guess lol
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  2. So disappointed
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  3. Well i guess dis means no (eventual) cool shop shard avis during bf or new year huh?
    Cool. These ones is ooglee only nice thing is the two animals bit literally not worth getting these. Thanks for have me save mine money and bentos.
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  4. …why 🥲
  5. The first one is hot 🥵 I need 🔪🔪🔪
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  6. First tier is 🤌🏻💗
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  7. Wtf lol hard pass
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  8. Saw the notification for ringmaster shard box… got excited 😆.Checked forum jokes on me for getting excited for anything too be really good as of late. 😶
  9. I genuinely think this is a smart move of ATA.

    Threw on an uglee avis beforehand so whatever avis released next (prob on BF? 🤔), it will look good coz it's much better than this one. (And ppl will happily throw all their money to get them).
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  10. Only the basic girl is cute lol & selling whips and snakes if anyone needs
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  11. Let me log back out again.
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  12. Why is it that the cheaper lower stat avis look better than the more expensive high stat ones 😭😭😭😭
    nice league gif tho I guess
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  13. Wooooh that tiger Avi is 🔥🔥
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  14. The design? Cute.
    The execution? Low quality.
    The timing? HORRIBLE 💀

    This is not what the people wanted.
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  15. Ah, bentos are saved
  16. The ones with the tigers make me sad. How about we don't try and glamourize animal cruelty?
  17. Terrible 😔, not even Halloween related. So disappointed 👎👎
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  18. Wow... disappointed as hell 😬🙃
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  19. Should have kept this in the drafts
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