Relationships 101

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  1. Relationships 101

    Key Features:
    • Share 10% of your stats with your partner, and enjoy 10% of theirs!
    • Strategic Boost effects via Dates!
    • Exclusive gifts!
    • The ability to gift EC to your partner!

    Asking People out

    To be in a relationship, you need to ask someone out, and have them accept your request, or vice versa.
    You can ask someone out by :
    • Using the Ask Out button and selecting someone from a suggestions list
    • Searching in the Ask Out page
    • Navigate to a specific player’s profile and tap the <3 button to ask them out.

    You can only ask out one person at a time, so if you want to change your mind, you need to cancel your request.

    To do this, go to the Ask Out page, you’ll see the person you’ve asked out there.
    Tap the cancel button to clear that request.
    If you had spent ECs to invite them, you’ll get those ECs back.


    If someone has asked you out, you’ll see their invite on the Requests page.
    If rejected, the person who asked you out gets their ECs back if they had spent any.

    You can have multiple requests sent to you from different people,
    but you can only accept one of these requests at a time.
    Once you accept a request, it is used up. If you break up and want to get back together, you have to send a new request.

    Accepting a relationship request when you are already in a relationship causes the previous relationship to end, starts the new one right away. This is the same as breaking up and then accepting the new request.

    Dates and Boosts

    To start a date, simply go to the Date button, choose a date and start it.
    Each date offers its own unique benefit

    Attack Boost - While this effect is active, you have an offensive boost, you can choose Strength or Intelligence and at varying stats.

    Defense Boost - While this effect is active, you have a defensive boost, you can choose Strength or Intelligence and at varying stats.

    Regen - This acts the same as regenerating at the Nurse, but is at a discounted rate. You can also choose between a full regen or a half regen. Regen caps for wars still apply.

    Name Color - If you have a date active that grants you a name colour, that colour only sticks around as long as it's corresponding date is active. If you start up a new date with a different effect, your name colour will disappear.
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  2. This is nice.
  3. Now let's see how many people use it that complained about it. :lol:
  4. most are already complaining about the second one being 79 EC. I guess they forgot if they break up its their own damn fault....
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  5. I honestly like it. Thx ata. Time to give something new a try.
  6. A guide 
  7. •.• okay
  8. Do these effects cost ecs to activate?
  9. I asked for this feature almost a year ago 
  10. Then pimd filled up with RP people
  11. 200b for one gift that's messed up n no stats as well
  12. The 200b gift needs to have stats 
  13. If I send you one, will you accept¿
  14. So you want to date someone as strong as possible to get the biggest bonus? So I just need to find another lcbc who wants to partner up but not date. Great lol.
  15. Does the relationship stay forever of you never brake up or is there a time limit?