Rate my room xc need a revamp

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  1. So, im pretty much annoyed that alt rooms (starter rooms with exactly 5 pc of furniture) are actually leading the laderboard... Currently T1, T2, and T4 is an almost empty, quick made room for the purpose of sending assists. The last attempt of spice the rmr up with more assists just triggered more of this. Thats not fair... Not fair to all the players who bought expensive furniture, made effort, and try their best to create. Rmr is now a luck based content where the actual look of your room hardly matter. I sent a ticket and they said, they will share my concern with the team. If anyone feel similar, please share your thoughts with ATA. More and louder people could reach far.
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  2. The top ones are all brand new accounts from the same club. Very odd.
  3. My opinion? Assists should have never been an option to begin with.

    On the contrary, makes for a fun game of spot the alts and the main.
  4. Omg... Right... How is this even possible? Sus. Like... Someone find a way to cheat?
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  5. Look, this happens with raffles just as well. Yes it’s a pain sometimes but it is what it is. It’s nobody’s fault players go out of their way to buy furniture for the rate you dorm xc. I honestly think a lot of players use this to almost show off what they already have.
  6. We’ve brought this to the attention of the devs! Hopefully we’ll see some adjustment soon.
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  7. There’s many many things wrong with this game but hey we all just carry on that’s life players will always find a way to cheat games for there self gain.
  8. I mean thats true, but its dont hurt to point out the problems, right? 😊 Especially if it can be solved with little modifications.
  9. Yes that's true but no.