Rate my Dorm Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alice, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. 7/10 the guitars are growing me off a bit but it’s so cutesy🫶🏽
  2. 7.5/10
    Good Girly theme but might get a better 999 and bed 💜🫶🏻
  3. 7/10 The plant, lamp, and nightstand are throwing me off from the overall theme.
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  4. 4/10 not my vibe. Took off two more points because the 999 doesn’t follow the wallpaper line. And the 499 seems out of place.
  5. Rate mine please, and any reccomendations for above bed? can't find the perfect one, yet 🙏:)
  6. looks like you’re going for a color theme which makes it harder to find something perfect but imo the current item fits well enough, overall it’s a nice dorm
  7. 6.5/10 there's like 3 different versions of goth going on there.
  8. 9/10 just because you don’t have a 999. I LOVE the vibe though. Very cute artsy!
  9. Love the moody winter vibe. Silent Night walls are so underrated so love to see them. Your dorm flows really well. I just wish the 999 was darker. Solid 9 🖤
  10. Oh, your dorm is beautiful. I love the celestial-like aesthetic. I'm going to say 9.8/10 only because I think I could find a better floor. Otherwise, this is gorgeous. Fantastic job and I hope you keep up the good work. ♥️
  11. 6/10 Very bold and daring vibe but personally I like to see some greens and little bit of mixed furni that shows some weirdness if that makes sense hha.
  12. Hi Guys would love it if u guys rate my dorm also appreciate any kinda of feedback or changes lemme know <3.
  13. Your dorm is very galaxy but the puppies feel out of the world haha apart from that 9/10
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  14. you like animals don’t you, it’s so CUTE, you’ve somehow managed to have EVERY SINGLE FURNTIRE ITEM contain or involve an animal. Impressive. I like how you’ve mixed different items together to get a cohesive theme, but personally I don’t like the wallpaper (I’m sorry) 9/10
  15. 4. Maybe try matching your colours? It's all one big mess.
  16. Very cute and elegant but I’d swap out the 999 nightstand and bed
  17. 8.5/10
    Poster n 999 abit off
  18. Rate mine please and any recommendations would be appreciated 🩷
  19. Suprisingly fitting 8/10
    Try change 499 with Stark or cutie craft yarn basket n 999 to t10 ceo