NEW FEATURE Presenting the New and Improved PIMD Shop!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ATA-Will, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. So y'all gonna remove the deals of 550ecs 50dns and 12% stat items from Molly's corner?
  2. I like getting different optional packages. I’m going to spend a little. It’s nice to have choices. Thanks, ATA. This seems like a good update.
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  3. I’d like to revise. If I am only going to get one silly offer every 13 days, it’s just another annoying pop up
  4. Ayeee looks promising
  5. Its not removed. If you haven't purchased it yet, those are still gonna be there along with the avatar coins and the furniture dye. They just polished the look of Molly's corner.
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  6. Waiting for the rollout before I get too hyped. Idea wise I like it though 👍
  7. Its alright
  8. Lmao, the "free things" Are those items to upgrade furniture 😂😂
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  9. And just a singular 1 piece 😎😂
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  10. This one is actually nice 👍
  11. Please make the flashing stars stop. It feels like a migraine trigger. And if each sale is going to last 13 days, we really don’t need it flashing all of the time. I was excited for this update but now I’m just irritated.
  12. Agreed. The normal sales button for the 30 minutes was great, it went away quick especially if it was a good cheap one to purchase. Hopefully they’re keeping their ears open and listening to feedback since this is brand new.

    I understand having deals that last for a day, maybe even a few, but for the equivalent of a hunt? That’s a bit much. Is the only way to get deals by buying the one that just sits there? 🥴
  13. I still want to see all the offers not just ones ATA thinks I will use, sometimes I surprise myself with what I spend on this app
  14. Once you buy that it’s gone anyways lol
  15. Great points both of you.
    Thanks for the feedback. We are continuing to look for ways to improve the feature and appreciate this :)
    Can't promise anything specifically of course, but the feedback certainly helps!
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  16. Thanks for responding! It’s great to see y’all pop in sometimes ☺️
  17. I also don't care for the little pop-up staying on my screen for two weeks. If there was, maybe, a pop-up screen within it where you could keep it there or have it hidden.

    Also, has anything happened to the daily sales? I don't pay attention to them now 🤣
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  18. The update isn’t showing how it’s pictured here. I only have the featured furniture then everything else is the same as before in Molly’s corner. Is that a glitch or is the update going to roll out in pieces maybe.
    I also agree with some of the other comments, the flashing stars is a bit much.
  19. I’m confused why the way the little “Sale” on-screen pop up has been changed. Mollys looks fine, but the reason the “SALE” worked before was because it only lasted a half hour and was a reminder of today’s deal, then it was gone and your screen was normal. I cant speak for others, but I’m not digging the idea of an obsessively twinkling sale reminder staying there for days on end, especially when I’m never going to buy the thing it’s selling. I’m so much more likely to buy the old sale deals, but those have now been made slightly more difficult to get back to again (not much more difficult, but enough that the result feels clunky and un-user friendly, especially when you only have half an hour to snap up the deal).

    Seems like others above have the same thoughts.