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  1. Hi so I was wondering how I can check my total CS ? Other people have told me in the past but I'd like to know if there's a way to check it myself
  2. How many dns would you need to complete cat cafe solo?

  3. If you mean combined stats, all you have to do is add your strength and intelligence stats
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  4. What's stat items
  5. [​IMG]
    add the numbers in the red box to get your cs
    stat items are the items in your showcase that.. have stats allocated to them? otherwise known as misc items.

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  6. You can check out this guide. There’s no set amount of hits or DNs to solo a party, but you can calculate it based on average damage you deal per bar.
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  7. Why is pep chibi considered almost worthless?

    Doesn't the fact that it's rarely spawns makes it more valuable?
  8. Honestly? It's because some people think they're ugly. :(
  9. That's actually pretty lame haha
  10. Is there anyway that players can vote of have a say in the hunts? (Instead of just voting yes or no at the end)
  11. That is the only way we technically vote in game. However many players list their opinions on the thread for the hunt’s information.
  12. Thanks. A member of my club suggested a vote on redoing hunts from the past for a short period of time. Might try to see if we can be heard by someone
  13. That’s a very common suggestion by players. You might be able to find a thread suggesting this.
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  14. For the northern lit furniture, is there a bookcase that comes with it? Or no-
  15. Sadly it does not.
  16. All of my items have been gifted away on my account. I sent in a report but its taking too long. I did not gift my items away. My whole dorm room is gone. This is a nightmare what am I going to do? What can be done to fix this?!
  17. It seems like your account has been hacked, but there isn’t much anyone on forums can do to help you. However, if you’re still able to log into the account, I’d advice changing the password as soon as possible. Other than that, you just have to wait until ATA gets back to you. Good luck! 🥺🌸
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  18. I'm a vp of International Treasures, club owner has been AWOL for over 2 months and I wish to take ownership of club
  19. I am a VP at International Treasure also. Our owner has been MIA for quite some time. Please give