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  1. Coz when i emailed them ages ago i got a auto response of. This email is no longer in use. Contact us in game for help
  2. Was that the PIMD support email? Because yes, that would be nonfunctional, as well as other game-specific support emails.

    They have different emails for different things, though. They have a functioning email address for the press to contact them for statements, press@athinkingape.com.

    Most companies have several working email addresses for different purposes.
  3. If you see someone actively saying they're younger than 17 or are looking for players who are younger than 17, report the message, take a screenshot, and send it in through a help ticket. If kids on here lie about their ages, that's on them. It's also on their parents for not paying better attention to what their children do on their phone (see Amazon reviews for this game... The parents in those reviews basically expect the game to be age appropriate just because their 11 year old downloaded it 😬...).
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  4. I hate those kind of parents who spoil and dote on their kids and think they're extra special than 99% of the world.

    That isn't parenting, thats favoring.
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  5. Yikes.

    Tis a problem that has been brought up multiple times. Maybe if thuis hits their pocketbook they will actually try a little harder to prevent this shit.
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  6. The only way to stop it is delete the internet. Pedos are on everything. I had pedos coming at me even on club penguin. But that will never happen. Kts up to parents to teach their kids the dangers of the internet and make sure they know what their kids are doing on devices. Its not atas job to babysit everyones kids
  7. I mean. If the app is kind of known for being a playground for p3do's, I don't see why they shouldn't. There are apps that require ID and this could be one
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  8. Club penguin was literally targeted to kids, it was the same with Habbo. Pimd is not and ata should take a stronger stance rather that just doing the bare minimum of slapping a 17± age warning when they are fully aware of the kind of content that fills this app.
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  9. Dont need id for porn sites. So dont see how its atas fault
  10. Guys, I'm gonna let y'all in on a little known parenting secret (until your kids get to be school age, then everyone knows this). SOME PARENTS SUCCCCKKKKK.

    There are kids that eat baloney sandwiches for every meal because their parents don't care enough to feed them.

    There's kids that don't eat except for what they get at school.

    There's 5 year olds who walk a mile home from school alone.

    There's a certain shït parent whom locked her 8 year old step daughter in her room the moment she got home from school with a toddler potty to use and that's it. (They lost custody, thank goodness)

    There's 5 year olds out here walking around with smart phones unsupervised.

    There's groups of kids sitting at the ymca playing games on their phones rather than playing basketball or whatever because their parents just dropped them off and left.

    Ummm I have 500 stories of parents that suck. But just know, saying parents should do something is not a solution because a lot of parents are just trash.
  11. For some you do. Honestly imo those are the only reputable ones. Most free porn websites have a CP problem anyway, most notoriously Pornhub which just so happens to be one of the ones with the loosest regulations for performers/uploaders and requires no ID check to visit. Hmmmm.
  12. Pornhub is the go-to
  13. It's not hard to think of a solution if you have a brain.
  14. They could do a lot which would keep about 70-80% of the minors off the game. They just simply don't care, it's not hard to find a solution if, again, you had a brain.
  15. Sorry, I must’ve misplaced my brain. Could you reiterate what those solutions, which are guarantee to keep approximately 70-80% of the minors off the app, were again?
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  16. A damn shame. This article by the NYT on the amount of CP, rape content, and revenge porn on the website is eye-opening and contains victim testimony. Pornhub did jackshit about it for years, despite activists and victims warning and informing them about it and begging them to take down videos etc about it.

    If you get a paywall trying to read the article, visit this website and copy + paste the article link into the engine and it'll make a readable version with no paywall. ;)

    Pornhub only took action -- and imo, the bare minimum -- when major credit card companies started refusing to be the middle man on sales via the website in late 2020. Aka when it started hitting them in the wallet.
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  17. they could prob sexualize the game a lottle less. even their ads on social media that's targeted towards kids (looking at u specifically toktok) cater to players meeting other players like it's a dating game lmao

    romance is... well, romanticized when you're young. lying about your age is easy too. if you can't do anything about who plays the game, then why can't you change how the game is used or viewed as
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