PIMD Idea - Trade/Giftable Avatars

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  1. Hey there, so I know a bunch of people have mentioned this previously. But I don’t see anyone actually go into detail.. to try to help.
    Trade / Giftable avatars could cause problems if it was every avatar right? I get it. So what if I presented this..

    Hunt/Box avatars could be Trade/Giftable some of us get ones we really don’t want.
    For example: say I ended up getting a male avatar from the hunt box- but had my eye set on one of the female ones, Or vice versa. And another PIMD member had the same issue. We could swap avatars- both happy.

    Of course I would say Leaderboard or Shop avatars shouldn’t be tradable. That way the players of PIMD actually have a chance to get the avatar they actually want. VS a chance of not getting it at all.

    i myself have well over 100 avatars. Many I don’t use ever. That could easily be used in a trade with another player. The avatars lay dormant and with all the choices we get, when we could be using it as another sort of trading system.

    I don’t know.. maybe I’m crazy.. ideas or input for anything additional to add on would be great sorry for the long post.
  2. I agree with this post. I have hundreds of avatars that I do not want, I think if we were able to trade them, a lot of people would be happy. This has my support.
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  3. Ata have already said no this this more then enough times. Stop the spam nagging
  4. You don’t need to be rude about it~ take a chill pill.
  5. This has been spammed constantly for at least the last 5 years. Ata have said no more then enough times. Im not being rude. All i said was ata said no already. And to stop adding to the spam pritty much
  6. Only takes not even 2mins to search forums and find the already hundreds of threads about this same thing
  7. Ugh this bs again? It’s never going to happen, ATA even said so
  8. As much as I like the idea, ATA specifically said they won’t make avatars recyclable or tradable, and I don’t think they’ll change their stance anytime soon.

    That being said, avatar boxes aren’t avatars and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be tradable. I have a bunch that I haven’t opened, and I’d rather pawn them off to someone who missed the hunt and actually wants them instead of having them cluttering my inventory.
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  9. Not gonna happen. Search forums for similar posts so you don't spam.

    Request lock.
  10. Ata said No to this one time
  11. Hold on? If I want to make a new post/topic I must research a post/topic first? See if it’s been made before.. if it has been made before Amd I bump it it’ll just be locked coz it’s an old thread amd classed spam ??
  12. Amd then when If I make a new thread about it .. il get told .. sorry threads being made before “locking”
  13. ATA said no this unfortunately, hopefully it will be added in the future.
  14. Hopefully… fingers crossed 🤞 u can sit back and shut up and not participate
  15. And thats more then enough times
  16. Rude! Try not sounding so rude when commenting. Obviously they didn’t know.
  17. They weren't being rude. They were stating a fact. Yeah OP didn't know, that's why they told them. Dont be a delicate flower
  18. I have no control how people interpret my words. I cant control peoples minds. If you saw it as rude then thats just your thinking doing that
  19. I thort i did better then usul tbh. I didnt even say fuck once
  20. Seeing as developers have stated that this idea will not be viable due to the need for them to build new systems, I’ll be locking this now.
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