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  1. We are looking for community input on what kind of showcase items, gifts and avatars you would like to see. If you have a great idea and would like to share, tell us here! The most popular ideas have a chance of coming to life in Party in My Dorm!
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  2. Avatars from different parts of the world and different raises.
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  3. An avatar could be an olympic athlete
  4. You should make the avatars more affordable
  5. I hear that, and if were on the subject, you should be able to name change With money
  6. Yes make characters more affordable! Maybe for summer get characters that are equipped with summer gear.
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  7. Avatar Ideas
    . I like the idea of an Olympic . Athlete, a guy and a girl Avatar;)
    . Poet
    . Mascot
    . Teacher

    Gift Ideas
    . Teachers Book(intel bonus)
    . Pet Iguana
    (strength and intel bonus)
    . Tyson, a dog(strength bonus)
    . Phone number
    (says call me maybe)
    . Pizza
    . Special Brownies
  8. hmm i would very much like cuter showcase gifts!! since we have a unicorn can we have a rainbow too? hhaha and since its olympic season it would be a good idea to include olympic themed gifts! for example the olympic logo.

    as for the AVATARS,maybe for girls we could add like models or class chairpersons and for the guys we could have street dancers or something like that.
  9. They should maybe have like an Olympic Basketball player for guys and girls maybe have like an Olympic volleyball player or something.

    Lol make Usain Bolt the fastest man alive 
  10. Avatars:
    Gaming noob-boy or girl
    Retired marine-boy
    Boyfriend stalker-girl
    CEO-boy or girl
    Baseball boy-boy
    Gaming controller
    Weight set-2,000 strength bonus
    Studying books-2,000 intel bonus
    Gamin system-1,000 of each bonus

    I'll will think of more 
  11. .-. Retired marine? This is college.-.

    And, I think a lot of people cant post here. Sad face.
  12. I agree with the Olympic themed gifts/avatars. Maybe 3 avatars and like 5 gift/showcase items. All olympic themed.
  13. How about:
    Surfer dude/girl
    A drop out
    Like a raver type of person

    Dolphin(since you got a turtle lol)
    Bride/groom dolls
    A diploma
    Test answers
    A party pass
    And i know this aint gonna happen but like a morning after pill
  14. I like the dog as a Showcase item and the "Special Brownies" as a regular gift.

    LoL PIMD is just doing this due to many people wondering why the only race in the game is white. why not others, and I'm Hispanic I wonder it to but honestly we all now how this world works.
  15. How about...

    •Hippie 
    • skateboarder
    •phone addict
    •wannabe emo

    XD idk
  16. And also 0.0

    A free avatar of your choice after being on PIMD for over a year?

  17. I second that Hill!! 
  18. Made use of the tall, big guy on forums web page when you are on a computer. He looks like he has gray hair. Use him as a Hockey Star.
  19. A girl journalist!!!
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