LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Our January is on Pointe

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  2. Bump!!!!! I would like to a avatar who is in the wheelchair too
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  3. So girly... 😐
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  4. The furniture is wonderful, I absolutely adore some of the pieces, especially the 999. Practicing in front of windows when it’s sunny is amazing 🥰

    The avatars are nice, I love the inclusivity. I don’t like the clothing on the most expensive ones, it looks a bit flat and bland (which yeah, I get it, a lot of our class clothing is boring). I would just expect a little more.. flow, maybe with a wrap skirt or something 🥺

    Either way, great job! Overall, the month is pretty good. 🙂
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  5. Loving how ATA did different Body shapes, disabilities and skin tone❤️
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  6. My sister does ballet so this is uwu
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  7. furni’s cute, collectable spinner item is cute. thats it.
  8. Oh man the avas r so dull this time
  9. I guess some dev watched Tiny Pretty Things🌚🥂
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  10. Very cute. I'd buy that 999 if anyone selling 🤗
  11. I love everything about this theme
    ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚