October Avatars

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  1. **** UPDATE: Moon Damsel and Starry Knight are NOW available in the Store for 200 EC each due to high demand! *****


    These otherworldly beauties are exclusively on the Spinner:


    ...these lovelies are in the Store for 200 EC each:

    Available until noon PDT on October 31st!
  2. I want the moon damsel

  3. Same!! Reminds me of sailor moon 
  4. That "Supreme" knock off though, must buy both 
  5. Yass ?
  6. But she’s wearing clothes ☹️
  7. Moon damsel 
  8. Moon damsel

  9. Love it
  10. You can pretend she's not ??‍♀️
  11. Why don’t you put the nice Avis in the store, you’d literally profit more :/
  12. Moon Damsel 
  13. Mooooon Ava!!! Why ATA you do that do me!?!?! I'm not lucky
  15. Great job ATA, why you ALWAYS put nice ava in spinner instead of in store ?????
  16. C U T E ?
  17. Love the spinner avas lol they are lovely
  18. Moon damsel 
  19. Moon Damsel  ATA put it in store PLEASEEE
  20. Please put Moon Damsel in the store