New Jobs..!!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by _Heisenberg_, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. I request PIMD to bring some new jobs. The last job PLANK POWER gave 10-12M, and most of the people have completed their jobs by now. We need some new jobs, No matter how hard hard they will be, It would be fun to complete some new jobs. Guys please support. PIMD Please listen to this and reply. Thank you.
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  2. ?Support...
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  3. Support
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  4. Support... kinda boring without jobs 
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  6. Support
  7. Support 
  8. yes New jobs
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  9. I support this! :) I’d like to add one thing tho- plank power, the last job, gives a 20 billion dollar bonus and that used to be a lot of money! Now we have t6s that cost 40 bil :eek: my suggestion is to have the NEW last job give 80 billion so you can still get two of the biggest dorm mates when you finish the jobs :)
  10. SUPPORT!!

  11. Sorry for all caps... 0.o
  12. No Support. This means I'll have to upgrade.
  13. support support support support support support
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