Missed Contest Entries

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by Phobia, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. I made a post about a competition entry I was too late to enter in and @Sansa brought it to my attention that we don’t have a missed entries thread, I thought it was a super cool idea so here it is!

    If you have an entry for any of the pimd contests, but were too late to enter- post it here!

    reminder: as always, please be respectful to everyones art, art is subjective ❤️
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  2. [​IMG] here’s the entry I missed that i brought up in my last post 🖤 it was for the “RS gift design” contest
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  3. Now I actually want this cute lil thing irl cuz it looks way too adorable(also, loving the patches)
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  4. tysmmm 🥺 my description was gonna be “my love for you can’t be patched up”
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  6. TYSM I DONT EVEN CARE IF YOU CALL THE FBI- here, take my love and appreciation 😔👐🏼💕✨💞
  7. OMG HOLD UP, I WAS THINKING "THOSE ARE PATCHES OF LOVE" I'm gonna die, ATA should allow this as a gift asap
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