May Showers

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  1. May

    May is such a beautiful month, it comes with rainfall and flowers blooming if you're lucky to live in a habitat that allows spring.

    It's also mental health awareness month!
    and military appreciation month!
    Both very worthy causes!

    May 3rd is Buddhas birthday

    And well everyone should know what the fourth is.

    Also comes with Mother's Day!

    what I feel my mother suffered

    There's tons of days which have celebrations and tons of things worthy of being celebrated in may!

    Some facts about May!

    •May birthstone is emerald
    •if you're born in May your horoscope is either a Taurus or a Gemini
    •the eta aquariids meteor shower appears in May
    •May flower is Lily of the Valley

    And it's also national pet month in the U.K.

    All in all May has a lot of things happening! Get on making that spring or fall for your country happen!

    And out

    lamest thread I ever posted kill me
  2. I love chicken wings ?
  3. Cute thread ! Boo Gemini's 
  4. Also, tomorrow is my birthday :)
  5. I'm a Taurus so hopefully I'm safe ?
  6. Happy birthday!!! Lots of May birthdays I've come to conclude!!!
  7. you cutie ??
  8. I didn't even know what month it was but now I'm ready for some trivia nice job ?
  9. May I see you Shower?

  10. O you gross
  11. It's also the month of final exams. Good luck y'all ?
  12. Or if you live in West Australia you get no rain or spring.. just summer, summer, a cool summer, and another summer ?
  13. Same with Florida ?

  14. Minus all the animals trying to kill you.

    Well, the only animals tryna kill you in Florida are the drivers
  15. the deadly animals in florida are old white people tbh
  16. It's survival of the fittest here ?
    Can't even underestimate a mosquito m8
  17. I like the colours and the bb coding of this
  18. Wait wait wait. When I lived in Florida there was 15min of rain every day, the rest was summer
  19. "Gemini, you're gonna die... Twice!"
  20. It's more like 5 minutes ?