Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Rs 😯
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  2. Found
  3. Still looking

    Me (Main account):
    • 23.5MCS and still upgrading
    • 21 years old
    • Male
    • SFW-Friendly
    • Max:max gift
    • Talkactive
    You (Main account):
    • Stat doesn't matter
    • 18+ years old
    • Male
    • SFW-Friendly
    • Max:max gift
    • Super active
    Wall me before adding as I have been turning off my notifications!
  6. Still looking
  7. anyone interested?🥺
  8. ME:
    • 37mcs
    • active/always UGs


    • same stat or higher
    • active/always UGs
    • no sfw
    • no rp
    • will gift each other

    ⚠️only looking for an rs game. just wall/add/gift if its a deal. you can ask out or wait til valentines 😊
  9. Not looking anymore 😋
  10. Found
  11. looking for rs🌺

    (*❛‿❛)☞ 35mcs+
    (*❛‿❛)☞ max:max gifts, hunt and rs
    (*❛‿❛)☞ color dates (purple one please!)
    (*❛‿❛)☞ not a deal breaker

    I'm 42mcs, female so looking for preferably male, but female is fine too! I'm a party fairy but can take several hits if necessary

    oh and please be talkative and nice please! for rs in game

    a lil bit clingy tho, but please do send me gift to talk first if you're interested!
  12. Need a new RS again 😂
    • I'm 71mcs
    • I'm in sfw
    • I don't break RS
    • I don't RP
    • Need a stats RS (higher than my stats)
    • I can ask or wait until free ask out 💁🏼‍♀️
  13. I'm just over 100kcs...need RS for stats or maybe more depending....I'll gift if I got the cash and I'm very active. I can ask out
  14. Looking for rs that can ask, send cheap gift if interested
  15. ♂️♀️ RS Wanted ♀️♂️
    ••- I'll Ask -••
    Max Gifts
    EC Dates
    SFW Friendly
  16. Looking for a perm rs because my current one went inactive.

    Very active
    I like to talk

    At least 40mcs
    Max:max hunt/rs gifts
    Friendly, active, would like to be friends and talk to me
    No gender preference
    Colour name dates are a plus 🌝
    No rp, also not looking for a real relationship, just a good friend

    Since it’s almost Valentine I suggest waiting till then to ask out, but I’m not stoping anyone from asking me out 😂
    Gift me or wall me if interested
  17. Looking for stats rs 🧐
    I'm 32mcs
    No preferred gender but being nice is a must 🤨 thanks in advance 🥺💜
  18. Need a stat rs, I’m female but gender doesn’t matter. I’m 11.3mcs someone around my stats, can be a little lower or higher. I’m pretty friendly and on everyday but I’m not on every second so may not always respond instantly. Maxing gifts isn’t required but if you want to we can. Valentines is soon with free asks out so should wait and ask then :)
  19. Looking for totally active and upgrading RS around my stat can max gifts and color names also female preffered add me we can talk first💕💕
  20. 8.5mcs looking for at least 2mcs and active please 👌 and please ask if you can 😊😊