Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. Looking for female rs with askout
    I’m 23 yo , male and 52mcs
    I’m inactive till i find an rs
    Looking for someone active talkative flirty helpful, if you play video games it’s a plus
    Gift me or wall me for discussion

    Im 9mcs looking for similar or higher⬆️
    I occasionally max:max gifts 🔄
    It's a stats rs not a rs so no flirting🚫
    Must be active
    I don't usually end up in it but

    MUST BE PERM, you ask I've had too many tell me its perm only to break and waste my ec.
    Wall or gift me if interested😊
    thank you
  3. Looking for an rs 50mcs+
    im 22, female, and 50mcs
    can max gifts and will even send a christmas/ birthday gift if i remember 🥸
    gift/ message if interested!!
  5. LF rs around my stats with ask out
    I'm 41mcs+ , Male
    Max:Max hunt gifts
    I only ug during big promos
    Wall / gift if you're interested
  6. Back looking for a rs 🙄

    -5mcs+ please
    -SFW isn’t a big deal
    -Preferably female 18+
    -Very talkative and funny is a must
    -Active is a must (not 24/7 of course)
    -Can spoil each other
    About me

    -Central time if that matters
    -Willing to max gifts
    -Can help with in game things such as cat session, avis, stats, etc.
    - I can ask if we click :)

    Looking for more than a boring stat rs lol close friends at least. Wall or gift if interested
  7. Posting again, still looking for a RS
    ♤ I'm around 38mcs I think
    ♤ I kinda talk alot and can be super random at times
    ♤ I watch animes (practically my life), dramas and play games

    Looking for:
    ▪︎Male or Female..idm
    ▪︎Same stats, higher or a bit lower idm
    ▪︎Max:Max gift
    ▪︎Be active
    ▪︎Random gifting (I do that alot)
    Just be a chill, down to earth person and we cool. Sadly I dont have ask out, already wasted 2 💀
    WM or gift if interested 🥺
  8. Still looking 😞
  9. Found🤎
  10. Lmk
  11. 💜💜Looking for stat RS around
    17mcs with ask out💜💜
  12. looking for a stat rs for my alt (9mcs)
    no max gifts necessary, but i can max:max if you want & i do not care if we talk/prefer we don’t on the daily
    you ask tenks 😮‍💨
  13. Looking for rs! Preferably male
    Im 30 f
    No sfw
    Likes to chat sometimes ☺️
    Max:max gifts a must
    I can ask if you have similar stats otherwise I’ll have you ask 🙊
  14. Still looking
  15. Lf for rs

    50mcs+ ask me out
    Any gender
    I can be super friendly if you're from PH.
    Can max gifts every hunt ❤️😌
  16. Looking for an active Rs ..around my stats or higher
    🔥 We can spoil each other with gifts
    🔥 Cute wall posts
    🔥 Can match Avi sometimes
    🔥Must be a bit talkative
    🔥Must be active too
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  17. Still looking
  18. 7mcs looking for an rs my stats or higher.
    Male or Female idc.
    You must ask.
    Ill spoil
    Only after friendship.
    Must be active
  19. Looking for rs with ask out
    I'm 31mcs I need rs 20+ or higher than mine and max:max of gifts and who's friendly too and chat
  20. Still looking 😔
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