Looking For A Relationship Partner?

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  1. 7mcs
    Upgrading soon so.. 14mcs+ preference
    No ecs atm
  2. 30.7mcs
    Sfw friendly both ways.
    Your smaller you ask, I'm smaller I ask.
    Hmu :)
  3. Posting for a friend AKA My Rs ❤️🥰
    IGN SailorMoon is looking for a stats rs that can take hits 👊🏼
    • She’s very sweet & Friendly
    • Runs a CC CLUB so she’s very busy
    • Will max you as often as she can 👻
    Send Her A Gift Or Pm 💕
  4. I'm 46 MCs male.looking for helpful kind rs if she is 35+ would be great
  5. Looking for rs I'm 46 MCs .if you are not a kid I would be very much happy
  6. Correction / Update:
    CET time zone / currently 26.3 mcs
  7. Looking for rs
    💀85 mcs (Close to even transitioning to intel)
    💀Can max hunt cash gifts
    💀Friendly & active as well
    💀Won't break RS randomly
    Looking for
    🌷Female only
    🌷Max cash gift

    Lower stat ask’s
    Add or gift for any questions
  8. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
    *Lf a perm female relationship partner *Around my stats or any stats are welcome
    *I can ask out
    *must be active
    *no alts, no sfw
    *add me or wall me or gift me

  9. Found
  10. Still looking🌝
  11. Looking for a new Rs my stat or higher (17mcs) 💕🌸
    No need to max gifts but I’d like someone active and down to chat (no rp or weird chat)
    I’m British so gmt timezone but I’m up late enough that it isn’t a big issue and not something that’s required.
    I do ask that you be 21+ as I’m 22 and I don’t want to talk to any minors and I can’t ask out 💕🌸 wall me if your interested.
  12. Still looking
  14. :pSeeking RS 10+ mcs:p
    • Can be semi-active
    • Any gender
    • No need to max gifts
    • No real obligations
    • You ask, I'll work out giving you something for compensation
    :oops: I'm currently 7mcs but will be upgrading very soon and often!
    Wall me if you're interested!:oops:
  15. Looking for an RS with a Male my stats 20mcs or higher that's preferably a Dom.
  16. I need rs. Must be alive and human.
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  17. Found 💕
  18. Lol single is fun less drama nephew😜
  19. Looking For RS
    🍔17mcs(still growing every 3 days)
    🍔can max hunt cash gifts
    🍔friendly & active as well
    🍔 won't break RS randomly
    Looking for
    🍟active female
    🍟max cash gift
    🍟with ask out