EVENT La Ville Lumiére

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  1. Why cats aren't discounted?
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  2. Can’t buy cats?!!?
  3. Love them avis💖💖💖
  4. *shrugs*
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  5. no new story pass? :(
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  6. I've seen better hunts for less
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  7. avi's are so stunning my non-existent cash is screaming rn
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  8. You can still buy cats and they are 34 ec the price just doesn’t show up💛
  9. Just noticed Tier 2 female is blackpinks Lisa outfits from their tour
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  10. La Ville Lumière
  11. @Kenah lemme know if there's anything you want from this 👀
  12. Blue male and Purple male is switched
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  13. Why does this game treats its players so different?! I invested real money too, yet, I barely received anything needed. Instead, some of them players are showing off their prizewinnings in different apps. And they barely even invest real money. I don’t get it!
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  14. X5 payout ain't working
  15. Why are we calling the k pop light sticks mics?
  16. Because they’re microphones 🎤
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  17. light-crophones (insert finger-guns here)

    but i think these shard box avatars are... dynamite
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  18. I think it’s time to introduce custom Ava’s! It’s Black Friday and these Ava’s are just not IT 😤 nothing about this years bf is great.. good riddance to PIMD 2020,best of luck for 2021
  19. The pop star avatars aren’t correct... the male one is listed as a purple mic one, hope the stats got switched
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  20. I meant blue is listed as purple btw... this is what I get for posting on forums 😅