Is this new hunt boxes for real? You serious af?! Jeez

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jihn, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. 2 boxes a day, extras for 10 ec ? has it not always been like this
  2. I dont get it… most hunt we got free chance every 24 hours & ec for unlimitted key, but this hunt wasn't like that…
  3. kill me
    My eyes are on fire
  4. It practically has the same effect as the box-methode before this? I don't get what there is to complain. I am player who doesn't spend money for this game and I think it's even beneficial. At least I can be sure that I get my 2 free boxes every day, because you are now guaranteed the 2 boxes with only completing 2 parties
  5. Players need to learn how to read and comprehend. Just saying.
  6. Better get a job to fund that hunt addiction, boy.
  7. Tell daddy Daisy that James being a bad boy and need spanking :? :evil:
  8. It's not his fault he is adopted :roll:
  9. 
  10. I'll be happy to oblige
  11. Why are hunts still a thing