Introduce Yourself 

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  1. I'm Matt?

    I love nothing because studying has consumed my life.

    But on vacations I like to game and scuba dive
  2. First name Mike last name Hunt
    I'm pretty loose and laid back
    I'm quite hairy
    I get a lot of attention too :)
  3. My name is Jay, I'm an alcoholic and I love ladies of the night ??

    Am a promoter for Strange Music ?
  4. I'm Josh
    I've been playing for 2 years... well I have the 2 year achievement but I went inactive for about 10-12 months
    Attitude:Rude,Mean and sometimes friendly
  5. Hey call me AL, im a nub in this game. So...
    Enjoy your day peeps! :eek:
  6. I'm beth, I find this a bit akwared.
  7. Rishabh here! A Human of the Male Gender and 21 years old soon. Browsing through forums coz the game has gotten boring lately.

    I have been playing for the better part of an year now, learned a lot, met a lot many people, rude ones & good ones as well. The Good Ones, well I love them. My friends sammie, vipito, kira, zom etc. They're the ones who make this place likable. I can't meet y'all in rl, hell even if I could I won't, coz I wouldn't know what to say or do. But know this, all those I've talked to in here are close to my heart and I love you, some more than others but I LOVE YOU. Those to whom I matter know me and know what I like. To those who don't : I write crazy stuff, sad stuff, boring & meaningless as poop stuff. I listen to music, so much music. I live a ****** up life, but I also enjoy far too much to bother. I am on my way to graduate as an engineer in Computer Science. I don't exist on fb with either real or fake accounts. You can pm me here or get my IM Id from the Wall. Damn I wrote it too long. Sorry & Thank You.
  8. My in game name is fume, due to my short temper and habit of smoking. I've been playing since December 2011 if I remember quickly where and use to be called VIP.

    My real name is Morgan. Many people know me as Josh though since it's easier to say and as its my stage name. My hobbies are mainly singing and acting and I've been acting for about 9/10 years now.
  9. Hi I'm Alice

    Umm I'm a ex-forum nuisance, and a really bad player. IRL I'm a college student. I'm also event management intern. I'd really like to write for a magazine that has the same values I do or open up a cute little boutique in whatever city I end up finally calling my home. Currently, I really like finding new ways to fall in love with my college town like checking out venues I haven't been to and getting to know local artists.
  10. My name is Drea and..... My life is boring 
  11. I'm new, I started playing last month. You may know me by, Lord Scudmious Pie of the 12 Realms of Gey, but my name is Larry. RESPEK MY PIE RP, CAUSE ITS RARE AND LEGENDARY ARPUND THESE PARTS, I eat sleep and breath pie. Dun disrespect it, or I'll lick your ears, and eyes.
  12. Hiiii Raf, how bad is your addiction?
  13. Oh cool I like boys to
  14. Hiii KIER, what's your addiction?
  15. My name is Misfit. I've been playing this game for over a year. Still trying to find a way to fit in properly. ? k. bai ?