If I was to host a war...

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  1. So where are all the real wars ? When clubs fight now they generally don't declare war
  2. I didn't say wars didn't happen.. I am saying they didn't happen as frequently as you guys pretend.. because everyone was doing pwars instead , duh ...
  3. I think your statement clearily agrees with what I said, thx. Pwars not real club wars were popular
  4. You could find a war to join everyday. A real war. Pwar clubs were the equivalent of cat clubs now. They were boring and for boring people who were afraid to get hit.

    The way pwars we're set up one side won every single time, therefore pwar clubs obviously dominated the leaderboard. Yet, nobody cared because wars aren't about getting on the leaderboard.
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  5. thats literally what i meant.
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  6. never said they were real wars, you said that the top clubs weren’t real wars, which they weren’t. i was just explaining what they were, i wasn’t tryna be rude lmfao
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  7. Cait, clubs who hosted real wars wouldn't rank in the "wars" leaderboard because they required organization and were done properly.

    For a Pwar to occur, you just need a dummy club with your own alts in them to declare with, and then you hit them instead of actions in a party.

    You could do multiple each day, and it was the meta stratrgy for making money fast, which is why leaderboard is full of them.

    Regular big clubs would have actual wars with other clubs normally at the slowest rate of once per month, with more active clubs regularly hosting one weekly.

    @Tweak forums, in general, are dead. You'd have to recruit on some third party app to get enough traction but that's such a drag.
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  8. I'd be interested, if it fit my schedule.
  9. Kefo, come back to club 😊 Hope you're doing well, I'm waiting for those latkes 🥺 and ty for info
  10. I'd war. I miss them, lmk if it happens