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  1. Yeah this has been done, back in 2019 or so dont remember the exact name and dates. Avis were not that great but they had divided the stat drops and stories by houses and it was okay.
  2. Not sure if it was said
    But I would love a Dragon Ball Z Hunt
    Specific avatars that we need are
    • Vegeta
    • Kakarot
    • Krillin
    • Android 18
    • Bulma
    • Gohan
    • Piccolo
    • Future Trunks

    🐉🔥 we collect dragon balls
    Furni could include dragon items like a poster of Shenron or even Porunga and it could be like tech furni for the capsule corp 😭😭😭

    please make this happen but make them look good put effort in
    There are so many dragon ball z fans
  3. Omg same!! That would be totally epic! Yo PIMD time to give us Harry Potter themes please! I’m sure me n Theo ain’t the only ones who likes Harry Potter. And please stop making things hard to get in boxes🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t see how some players get the big stuff like the 999 while some of us are only getting the small stuff. Ok that sounded good in my head at the time I didn’t mean for how it sounded🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I would also like to see like a Wednesday Adam’s theme too or umm vampire diaries or originals or even legacies how epic would that be you would get to choose which one you want like vampire werewolf or witch I know hands down I would be a werewolf :) I love wolves 🐺 my favorite animal is a wolf:) but anyway I totally agree with Theo! Harry Potter please 🙏
  4. Ah rats! I haven’t been playing that long:( I only started in December but I just hit the 120 days medal 🎖️ so yay me!
  5. I agree with redoing Harry Potter hunt also I know this has been done but another and better superhero theme! Also love the cute avis with tattoos give us more! Maybe a rock music hunt which I know has been done in the past too.
  6. As a newlywed army spouse, I ask for a military themed hunt. It’s bittersweet letting your loved one go as they get sent off to another part of the world. Or picking up and moving every four years to watch your significant other train and work hard to accomplish their dream. The devs do throw out 4oJ hunts. I think this would be wonderful.

    Avatars could depict people in their uniforms, veterans, couples embracing, or even a soldier embracing their companion - dog or cat. I feel like there’s a lot of wiggle room for ideas since it’s so broad.

    Misc would be so cool. Whether it’s a uniform, patches, a little tank melded together with bullets, helmets, love letters, etc.

    The furni could be styled with “collectibles” from being a part of the branches. There could also be uniforms, patches, pictures of people together representing battle buddies, and so much more.

    And of course, depending on how everything is laid out, the story lines could easily be created to follow along with it.

    I’d LOVE to see this.
  7. We need a Dead Boy Detectives themed hunt.
  8. These box Avis are hideous, I wouldn’t use any of them ever lol. Release Frisky Kitten and Ravenous Wolf Avis again. Everyone would buy them out unlike the weird Paris ones you put in boxes last hunt.
  9. Also why is the leopard girl in a snow suit… it’s summer 🌝 I just have so many questions. Mainly why..