[Hunt Idea] Diwali Hunt

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  1. Nice work done , and I'm up for it support !! Its always good to learn new types of cultures 
  2. Yes I'm working on my Battle Button skills since last few weeks. Thanks Cake ?

    It happens or it doesn't happen. It's never gonna be in my hands but atleast I can try to get what I want to see in here. Hope you'll respect that perspective. ?️

    Again to those who like the idea, I want to thank them for the appreciation, indeed it's new to many that's why I wrote a lot about it for people to read. ?
  3. Do it I'd love to know about their culture
  4. Omg....I sooooo love ittt
  5. Full To Support Bhai
  6. Good am muslim I too support this event
  7. What does you being a Muslim has to do with it ? ?
  8. Those avi's are pretty ?
  9. Support 
  10. I like the dude avatars to be. Support.
  11. Nicely designed ?
  12. Thank you for ur appreciation and support everybody.
    Use Ur feedback option to let the devs know about this thread and the hunt Idea.
  13. Support
    Great hunt idea and avis
  14. Got me hungry w those jalabis
  15. Fully support