How to Deal with Farmers

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  1. This guide is intended mainly for newer and/or smaller players who don't have a big group (fam/club/etc.) to support them. Especially those in sfw with fams/groups.

    I tried to lay out all the options, but keep in mind everyone has different play styles so use your best judgement.

    Although I am mainly a party fairy I've gotten into quite a few sfws and used all of these tactics besides paying cease fire. I wrote this based on what has and hasn't worked.

    Each section heading is bold, colored, and underlined. Subsections are numbered-skip to what you need.

    Tips for before/while being farmed:

    1. Hide your cash.

    This is easy for small players. Don't use the bank or buy piggy banks if you can avoid it. PIMDbanks take 25% interest while the bank takes 20%.

    Instead, send 10bil pineapple pizza gifts to friends and alternate accounts. They need to keep them pending until you want the cash back then they reject the gifts. Bigger players just hire tuts, the more expensive the better and less likely to be stripped.

    2. Self-pin (sp)

    Either do this on parties, jobs, or by farming others. Its your choice but any way denies your farmers the satisfaction of farming you.

    3. Be wise with your tuts

    If you are smaller and your tuts get hired/stripped away by your farmers make it as hard for them as possible.

    Find out your tut bonus, or just a little over and divide it amongst 250 small tuts. This takes time to establish, but it makes it so hard to be stripped. Most farmers won't bother.

    When your tuts are stripped, unless you love them (then overprice them), don't hire back. Get new ones. Congratulations, Your farmer just gave you cash!

    4. Don't leave links

    I break this rule a lot, but understand that they will always have easy access to you. Gifts and wall posts can be saved forever. If you must talk to your farmer, add them and delete it if they don't accept or after the convo.

    Ways to make farmers disappear:

    1. Ignore them

    Don't add them, don't wall them, keep gifts pending (be prepared to keep it for over a month), pretend they don't exist. This works most of the time. It takes patience and "idgaf."

    2. Pay CF (ceasefire)

    Not recommended.
    Here is the deal, most farmers will send a contract for paying cf. Its long. Its complicated. Its humiliating. Its so, so cheesy.

    However, if you only want to play on the game, hit parties, and not be bothered by nfs all day it might be tempting. If you do pay cf try to either get protection from them and/or try to get out of walling the apology and showing everyone you paid cf. Paying cf to one person/group makes you an easy target for future groups.

    Note for Clubs: As much as I hate the idea, clubs pay cf all the time. The admin are worried about their members leaving and the club dying.

    If you decide to pay cf make sure its worth it and get protection from the fam/alliance farming you so you (hopefully) never need to pay cf again.

    3. Play Nice

    This. This is my go-to. We are playing a game so have fun. When I add my farmers I laugh with them and I joke with them. I have nothing against farming and have gotten a few cfs myself so I get the draw to playing this way.
    They don't always stop farming you (almost never right away) but at least you made a friend. They will move on eventually like someone you ignored.

    However, some farmers are so cold and professional. Pick up on these cues because being friendly and fun with them will only annoy them.

    4. Farm them Back

    Lololololol, no don't. This could work for an individual farming you but if you hit one person in a fam, ten more will hit back. Unless they are unloved. Poor them.
    It might be fun to do once or twice-forever (you do you) but if you want to not be farmed anymore see steps 1 and 3.
    Note for Clubs: Maybe this can work. But only do this if your club/alliance is comparable in strength to the one against you. This would ideally result in a real ceasefire where everyone agrees to not fight. Without any misc being exchanged.
    Or, you can get cfs from individuals in that group. Welcome to farming.

    5. Peace Tag

    This is a great way to make people mad, get them to call you out, and make them do math for the exact moment it ends. Its not a good way to get them to stop unless you have a lot of peace tags. The only time I recommend using peace tags is when you have a lot of cash out or flashing. Maybe when you go on vacation.

    At any rate, its a temporary solution so never think "I'll use this one day peace tag the tutorial gave me and my problems will be solved." Nope, sometimes they come back harder.

    6. Pay a farmer/Ask a friend

    I put this last because it won't work on big fams. Not usually small fams either. However, if there is one person or a small group farming you or your club go for it.
    Just please make sure they are trustworthy and good at what they do. There are so many people who think they are the best farmer ever-they aren't. Also, the payment needs to be less than what cf would be ofc. Usually half from what I've seen but it depends on difficulty of the farm.

    Some helpful information abput farming and cfs:

    1. Most of us know that cf's cannot be anything involving ec's (extra credits). This includes mainly furniture and changing names. It does not include breaking relationships. This has been confirmed with ATA.

    2. Cfs MUST be asked publicly so ATA can make sure that there is one and that's its fair. This means it needs to be posted to a wall. They can read deleted posts as well so that's not an issue. If you are blocked, refused cf, or being given an illegal cf-see the section about it submitting tickets.

    3. Farmers get paid per hit based on their stats and health and your stats. Your cash plays very little into it.

    However, the cash you lose depends a lot on how much cash you have out. You could be losing hundreds of billions per hit and they will still be making only in the millions. Farming has never been about getting cash, just taking it.

    Thinking of sending in a support ticket?

    First: please don't waste ATA's time if they are following the rules. PvP is part of the game-try to enjoy it.

    However, if they are breaking rules whether its refusing to give a public cf ATA can read, asking for ec items, or you are blocked, do it. You need to understand a couple things though.

    ATA has a lot of people daily who complain about being farmed so they have an auto-response for it. You need to get past that so be specific and persistent. Also, they are busy so will take time to respond. Be patient with them.

    One more thing, this could make your farmers hit you harder so if you think they will go away on their own I suggest waiting. At least a few days but better a week.

    And one more thing:

    Have fun!

    This is a game so if you are not having fun please take a step back, take a break, do something different. Either in game or real life. Love yah! :D
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  2. Very helpful!
  3. i like leaving links 🌚
  4. Like the idea you went for, but a few things.

    You lose 25% through piggies and 20% in the bank. So I would clarify on that, because it can be a better option at times.

    Second, and this is just me being picky, but I feel like this would have done better in the Strategy section since dealing with SFW and PvP is largely opinion based.

    Also, just elaborating on specifics of what is and isn’t against ToU would be good too!

    I’m glad you’re choosing to help educate people, but these are a few things a noticed.
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  5. If someone is tryna "farm" you just laugh 💀
  6. Nice suggestions.
    Could you elaborate on what you mean by "tut bonus" on #3 of the tips section though?

    I assume this thread is largely going to be used by newer players, since most seasoned players I know have experience with farming and at least some of these methods in a capacity. So newer folks may not know what that means.
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  7. I don't think farmers were any less common so I'm a little unsure what the first bit is about. I think this can be helpful for some players but I think that it could be improved upon.

    While tagged players often have more targets they also have backup so that's something that should be understood.

    Often times, self pinning can be a motivator for farmers to figure out when you sleep and strip and hit then which can lead to a greater loss of cash. If your money is hidden, I personally enjoy making farmers lose energy and waste dns trying to pin me while I'm awake. I only self pin if I have money out. This can make them feel like they actually did something and then they may stop trying lmao. If you're in a club sfw, pinning can just direct the farmers to different players who are offline and may have money out.

    Hiding cash for smaller players isn't always easy just because they have less money. They often don't have alts to send to and don't have trustworthy friends to have hold that amount of cash for them nor do they have the proper range of cash to hire a good tutor that won't be hired back right away. I think the distinction that day pointed out of the bank being a better option is definitely important to include because that may be their best option in some cases.

    While hiring large amounts of tutors can dissuade your farmers to strip you, I wouldn't advise to stick to your tutor bonus but instead good tutors for small amounts of cash, as cash is the variable you are trying to effect.

    Some of the suggestions you have outright said no to definitely seem more opinionated and I would agree with day in this case that this seems more fitted as a strategy post rather than a guide because of that.

    And definately elaborating on what should and shouldn't be a matter to send a ticket to ata for is important cause a lot of people think everything is a reason to involve ata. Though I'm unsure why this would make anyone farm you more because they can't see your help tickets and if ata were to get involved, depending on the reason, the circumstances should change.
  8. Some of this thinking is soooo 2015. The tuck tail and hide method. I'm a more established player, so I have the oppurtunity to be in a non-sfw club. But it was almost drilled into me to be afraid of farming. Which led to some regrettable choices I've made.

    However, the audience you are speaking to (new players) are in a whole different world.

    I find quite a few new player clubs are under siege often. Sometimes the reasoning is just that the farmer knows a club will pay to protect their members. The turnover rate on new player clubs is really high. I dont see a lot of new player clubs make it longterm under the strategy of trying to stay sfw free. I'm not saying it's impossible, but the ads I see for clubs nowadays are different then when I was a newb.

    However, I do see a few stand strong with SFW allowed. One of my pro-tips to new players NOWadays is to embrace the pvp part of this game. Dont be like me. Dont have a fear around farming. Embrace SFW friendly clubs. There is a way to talk to farmers for sure. But don't base your whole game strategy about being in fear either

    I get mixed messages from this strategy. I hear have fun but also be afraid. My thoughts are have fun, be smart, but you can think differently now too.
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  9. If you were to post this 3 or 5 years ago... you'll be a laughing stock, but right now... people will see you as a helpful person.
  10. It’s so long, I’m sure some of this could’ve been paraphrased?
  11. Hii how to game play and earning orijnal mony.
  12. Err try this guide perhaps.
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  13. Issa game. Chill out.
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  14. Just wall farm them until you're transformed into an infamous troll
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  15. You forgot the easiest way to deal with farmers - buying those $99.99 packs till you’re the larger account. God Bless ATA
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  16. I miss the days where we'd farm op for posting such nonsense
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  17. Get a job irl and then go to the store and empty your bank account by buying cats. Yw
  18. Op is dtw everytime I try to hit soz
  19. get welfare 🌚👐
  20. You're the thread mvp
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