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  1. Hi. I am TheSagittarian, better known as GrandpaVice, also known as ImmortalVice or -White_Sparrow-

    This will be a pretty lengthy thread about me. Why? Because I just got my 12 Year Badge. So, approximately on November 8, 2011 at 5pm, I created my account.

    Okay, I haven't been on Pimd for 12 years consecutively. I've took breaks now and then, and I'll probably even take more in the future.

    If that doesn't interest you, you may boo me. TL;DR at the bottom of the thread.

    Anyways, I've been around for a long, long time. I've watched pimd change from PvP to Parties, I've watched players come and go, and I've watched ATA make new games and retire old ones.

    Basically, I'm older than parties, dorms, pets, relationships, and the spinner. How did we make money before? We farmed inactives and had Pwars. Others farmed active Players and had real wars. I've done both. And I sucked at both.

    We used to have a neat little button on our Profiles, which was labelled Reset and could even evict our dorm mates. Which caused a lot of problems because most farmers terms were either, "Reset your account" or "Drop Stats".

    Of course, Pimd wasn't happy about that, so they took that away. I think they should at least bring back the Evict Dormmates feature. They were pretty fun.

    Anyways, I was around the time when DeadDolLs and Terror were still existing, before the Barcodes and whatever and whoever are going around now. I remember when M4GN1F1C3NT was Number 1 on the Overall Leaderboard. Great guy.

    Of course, there were other things like Mike and Ahliedel getting married. The BoS wars, which I barely participated because I sucked, the Pimd-Hosted BoS wars which sucked, and many, many Wedding Wars.

    On another note, the reason why my account sucks is because I forgot my email login and password, and for the majority of my pimd gameplay, I played on an alt, until I finally remembered the email login details and had it fixed. But I'm still missing a lot of old items and furniture.

    Moving on, I haven't been totally useless on Pimd. I used to be a pretty well-known thread maker. But back then, forums were fun, friendly, and players who were close to each other.

    A lot of my content were stories I wrote where I had players as my characters. Others were Appreciation Threads, (Royale, Justin, Jopo, Hailey, etc, etc), and just a bunch of nonsense.

    My greatest achievements would have to be:
    - Got Strip-Farmed by a legitimate Roleplay Club
    - Got Forum-banned and silenced for inciting a riot
    - Made it into Best-Of before everybody was allowed to post into the section. (a mod moved it into Best-Of. Got locked for bumping.)
    - Pimd implenting my idea for being able to switch Avatars from the Items section of the profile.

    Lesser important achievement:
    - Made the very first thread that had anything to do with Zodiacs, even before pimd. πŸ₯³

    And now, a thank you to players/friends:
    -_A_-Justin, Jopo, Kefo, Muschi, Wallace, MadMax, Fleur, Cherry, KP, Duke, Webby, Rob, VladimirPutin, Pie, Ahlie, Day, Just_A_Face_In_The_Crowd, Ethan, Suicide Squad, and probably you. I probably forgot a lot of people because my brain sucks.

    Also, thank you Aly, for making me a hostage and helping me grow. You da best.

    Too Long; Didn't Read:
    12 Year Badge, No Life, let's goooooo.

    Can I have some foxes for my starred, please πŸ™

    I wonder if pimd will make a 13 year badge? I wonder who still plays that would receive it? I imagine LondonRapper and and Corey would. At the very least.

    Sorry, I'll shut up now.
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  2. Was wondering where you went. Used to see you around alot. Ign change makes sense now
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  3. Gz on 12yrs i guess. Your acc can go to high school now. Does that make you feel old? πŸ˜‚
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  4. ❀️ Congrats on 12 years Wyatt.
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  5. I'm not ready for my account to go to High School πŸ˜” It's growing up too fast.
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  6. Tell your account to drop out and get a job!
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  7. Good luck escaping me, Tutsie 🫢🏻 we love having you here and I’m happy I got to be here for your 12 year. 🫢🏻
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  8. Congrats on 12 years Wyatt!🩷
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  9. I just got my 11 year a month ago. I feel old
    And my account also sucks tbh
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  10. Happy 11 years Mia 🫢
    My account wants to do art 😩
    Thank you Pupsy 🫢
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  11. I haven't used forums in years.... Why you gotta out me for having no life? :p

    Cheers brother, hopefully 13 year award actually gives stats.
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  12. that was definitely worth reading. congo on being a pimder for so long! 🫢🏼
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  13. 12 years 😳 You’re a super senior! Congrats on making it this far though, ty for all the laughs πŸ’•
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  14. Congrats Vice πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I am a softy and got all emotional reading your post. See you around 😘
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  15. Congrats Vice πŸ–€ Glad Aly made you a hostage with us and we will get to see what you end up doing in your 12th year you nut.
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  16. Congrats for sticking for 12 years. You’ve seen a therapist right? Jkjk
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  17. No, the sun is oppressive πŸ˜” I'm that guy from Benchwarmers
  18. Congratulations. The glory days were great, but it’s been a fun journey.
  19. XD
    I only know this by reputation so can't confirm or deny.

    Y'know, this feels like the biggest flex! I feel like they haven't heeded any suggestions on mechanics in the whole time I've played so this blows my mind.

    Also thanks for keeping us updated on the cn :)
  20. Congrats on turning 12
    I get my 12 year next month as well