Guide To Becoming A Forum Celebrity

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  1. Hippie. 🥺
  2. * inserts “Peace amongst worlds” gif *
  3. Oof
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  4. Yeahh biggg oof
  5. Doesn't matter when I have a fire going. Go back to your trash bin🚮
  6. No u
  7. Haha very funny.
  8. No I
  9. Haha very funny.
  10. Oui
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  11. o_O das a bit much
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  12. Haha very funny.
  13. Haha very funny.
  14. there a reason you quoted me saying that when I was defending you...
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  15. oh sorry, I didn't see oni say that so I though you edited it
  16. The only one, too lololol
  17. Le sigh

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.