Guide to All PIMD Parties

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    By the way, I used to make lists of some stuff too and remembered I created this list (posted on my LINE timeline dated Sept 2017) of rare party drop items that still drops up to this day. I think this is worth adding on the main post. I'll just copy-paste my post here and add the images. (Feel free to make your own version of the images coz mine is just messy, I think I edited it in a collage app. lol)

    These items...


    And where they can be obtained...

    Updated List by Geass

    1. HOT TUB (Limit 1)
    Stats: (10,000/10,000)
    🔹All VIP Pass Parties

    2. CLOUDPACA (Limit 50)
    Stats: (30,000/30,000)
    🔹Cat Cafe

    3. MOUSTACHE (Limit 1)
    Stats: (0/60,000)
    🔹First World Problems
    🔹Blue Plate Special
    🔹Arcade (Mis)fire

    4. HOT WINGS (Limit 1)
    Stats: (70,000/0)
    🔹Restless Keg Syndrome

    5. POPSICLE (Limit 1)
    Stats: (80,000/0)
    🔹Cosplay Please

    6. CACTUS (Limit 1)
    Stats: (0/80,000)
    🔹Back Alley Debut
    🔹Art Starzzz
    🔹Hype Machine

    7. HEALTH WATER (Limit 1)
    Stats: (90,000/0)
    🔹Skyhigh Party
    🔹Limo Luxury
    🔹Just Dance!

    8. BUFF PUP (Limit 4)
    Stats: (100,000/0)

    9. BABY KITSUNE (Limit 50)
    Stats: (60,000/60,000)
    🔹Cat Cafe

    10. TOP DOG TROPHY (Limit 1)
    Stats: (140,000/140,000)
    🔹Frisbee Follies
    🔹Restless Keg Syndrome
    🔹Enjoi J-POP! (PRO)
    🔹Cosplay Please (PRO)
    🔹Counter Culture (PRO)

    11. BENTO BOX PRO (Limit 1)
    Stats: (200,000/100,000)
    🔹Cosplay Please (PRO)
    🔹Cat Cafe

    12. LUCKY BUB PRO (Limit 1)
    Stats: (100,000/200,000)
    🔹Anime Expo (PRO)

    13. 3-LEGGED SHELTER DOG (Limit 1)
    Stats: (0/300,000)
    🔹Arcade (Mis)fire
    🔹Blue Plate Special (PRO)
    🔹First World Problems (PRO)

    14. DIRTY POSTER (Limit 1)
    Stats: (0/320,000)
    🔹Restless Keg Syndrome

    15. PANDA (Limit 1)
    Stats: (0/320,000)
    🔹Cosplay Please (PRO)

    16. SEAL PUG (Limit 1)
    Stats: (350,000/0)
    🔹Back Alley Debut (PRO)
    🔹Hype Machine (PRO)
    🔹Art Starzzz (PRO)

    17. WHITE TIGER (Limit 1)
    Stats: (400,000/0)
    🔹Skyhigh Party (PRO)
    🔹Limo Luxury (PRO)
    🔹Just Dance! (PRO)
    🔹Cat Cafe

    18. SCHOOL UNIFORM PRO (Limit 1)
    Stats: (300,000/300,000)
    🔹Big In Japan (PRO)
    🔹Cat Cafe
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