Guide to Admin/Owner Duties

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Ryan, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. -_- why am I still don't this
  2. Because a mod doesn’t seem to be paying attention when they should be. You’re spamming like a true nubby.
  3. Help please!! I was put VP in my club but I want to leave because nobody’s hitting the parties. I can’t find the leave button? Am i that stupid lol Any help would be greatly appreciated ?
  4. It’s in Club Settings, and it’s a red button
  5. I'm trying to find info on what each admin can do in the club. Been searching the forum for 2 days now! Please help me?
  6. Looking for active Vice President
  7. What are the wars for?
  8. How do you pres properly?
  9. 1)president of the club must have access to kick my club members by selecting multiple members hate to kick one by one .
    2) it would be helpful by showing how many days they were active than showing when I select manage option