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  1. Hey farmers, this guide will be split into 2 parts, a part for smaller builds, and a part for larger builds(~10mcs+). Any suggestions for things to add or change, just comment below, or please express Support if you found this guide helpful, and of course ask any questions in the comments, Thanks!

    I’ll use some symbol notation throughout the guide, so give this key a gander/squiz:

    (1)-Always buy these if you can afford to
    (2)-Buy these if you have already bought as much of (1) as you can
    Unlisted things - Are not so bad, definitely not necessary, but if you have maxed out on (1), and (2), you should check these out.
    (x)-These should be avoided until you’re a more advanced player and can make a well-grounded decision about these for yourself.
    (a,b,c,d,…) Subscript to show slight priority differences in each class

    For Smaller builds: (0cs-~10mcs)

    In Party in my Dorm there are 2 main currencies: PIMD cash and extra credits, and everything in the game that you need starting out can be earnt with those.

    You will also begin earning spinner tokens and I’d like to make a
    MAJOR DISCLAIMER: Save your spin tokens for later. Even if you have hundreds or thousands. You will reap the rewards for your patience, and it will drastically improve your metagame if you have patience.

    PIMD cash

    Cash can be earnt from jobs, PvP, parties, the spinner, and direct purchase.
    Starting out, your best sources will be jobs, PvP, and parties.

    Dorms (1a)

    These are the main leveling system in the game. Putting people (crew) into your dorm will make you stronger overall and increase your chances of completing jobs, chances of winning a battle against other players, and plunder from hitting players/parties.

    A guide to the dorms and crew of pimd can be found here

    ADVICE: When building your stats, focus on either high intelligence or strength. Having equal stats is really bad.

    Dorms (1a)

    These are the main leveling system in the game. Putting people (crew) into your dorm will make you stronger overall and increase your chances of completing jobs, chances of winning a battle against other players, and plunder from hitting players/parties.

    A guide to the dorms and crew of pimd can be found here

    NOTE: When choosing your dorm crew, select to go with either full intelligence of strength. It's better, strategically, than being even built.

    LITE Boxes (1b)

    LITE boxes help you to complete stories by providing you with some ‘drops’. When you open enough boxes and get enough drops to complete a story, you will often receive PIMDbanks which provide large cash bonuses and drastically accelerate your leveling process in the early stages of the game.
    LITE Boxes are very easy to earn and are cheap to open.

    You can earn up to 2 per day by completing parties, and they only cost 1000 PIMD cash to open, which can be easily earnt by hitting the first job once.
    NOTE: These cannot be gifted. They can only be earnt by completing parties (up to 2 daily)
    NOTE: The hunt drops earnt from these boxes cannot be gifted either.

    Tutors – Tutors provide you with Tutor Bonus and Max Plunder, and each is earnt differently.

    Max Plunder (1c)

    By investing a total of 15m for every ‘kcs’ you have on your base stats, in tutors you will earn 2 to 3 times the amount of plunder you made without any. This is the Maximum plunder bonus achievable by hiring tutors, however your plunder increases even if you only spend 1m, and it gradually increases, so you could invest half of the requirement for ‘Max Plunder’ and still get a plunder bonus.

    Picture of your base stats

    Tutor Bonus (2),

    on the other hand, doesn’t influence your plunder, only your combat power in PvP. It is unlimited and behaves, in a way, as a secondary source of power to your character (behind crew). Tutors are relatively cheap and can drastically increase your effectiveness in PvP. Having money invested in tutors will also keep your money safe as you save up for your next dorm mate, and it can also make your richer faster if people hire your tutors because when someone hires your tutor, you get the money you invest back with an extra 1/60th as interest.

    Extra Credits/ECS

    Extra Credits can be earnt from jobs as a rare drop, from the spinner, and from random hand-outs from the developers
    NOTE: EC items only accelerate the process of upgrading, and are not necessary for any activities in the base game.

    Hypnocats (2a) -69ecs-

    At lower stats, hypnocats provide you with a large bonus compared to hitting parties. You can sell them for about 200b ‘dvp’ each. Dvp stands for drop volley profit and is a way that players can inefficiently give money to other players. 200b buys you 2.5 t7 dorm mates, which each give you 200kcs of base stats. So 2 hypnocats can increase your stats by 1mcs. Starting out, selling hypnocats for dvp is the fastest way of making money.

    Doctor’s Notes (2b) -10ecs-

    Doctor’s notes can help you sf an opponent to significantly weaken them, and they can also help you make the most out of promos, in which the benefit they usually give can be quintupled. This is an all-around useful item that is seen as indispensable during promos and in PvP. However, they are relatively expensive and should be used to derive the maximum effect.

    (x) Furniture Keys

    Furniture keys are not an efficient way to spend ECS. They will help you earn furniture slightly faster, but you get furniture from LITE boxes, for much less.

    (x) PIMKeys

    PIMkeys are also a very inefficient way to spend ECS. They will help you earn hunt drops, furniture, and PIMD banks faster. However, again, LITE boxes supply everything this does, but in lesser amounts, and if you are really trying to boost your hunt drops, spending ECS on cats and DNS is much more efficient.

    (x) Furniture

    Buying furniture directly from the store is just a bad idea because, as I said before, LITE boxes drop random furniture. However, purchasing from the store is a way of collecting specific pieces without taking any risks. This is a desirable luxury for some, but not very beneficial for anyone else.

    (x) Avatars

    Hunts, LITE boxes, and the spinner can give you avatars stronger than those buyable in store. Purchasing avatars directly from the store is useless.

    For Larger Builds (~10mcs+)

    In this section, I would like to introduce two pseudo-currencies that can help to lift your game; Spin Tokens, and Real Cash.

    Now would be a good time to use them, though saving them for longer will make them even more beneficial. You will get more cash per spin, and more items to use for DVP now that the upgrading process has slowed down. I suggest spinning at the beginning of the month, when new spinner items are still fresh, and they sell for as much as possible. They’ll depreciate in value as time progresses and they become more common.


    LITE Boxes (1a)

    LITE Boxes never stop being bad. So just as in the first half, they are good to always get. Always focus on opening LITE boxes. You only need to hit 1 eavesdrop action on 2 successful parties per day to earn this. So even if you’re farming 24/7, and have snubbed parties, this won’t cost much energy, and is deeply beneficial.

    Dorms and Crew(1b)

    Improving your build and your plunder is always good. Keep at it. This is still the cheapest and most efficient way to increase your Combat Power and plunder.

    Tutors (1c)

    With larger base stats, it is essential to balance them with Tutor bonus. If you have no tutors, no matter your base stats, you are going to be very weak compared to those who do. Though no definite amount of TB can be suggested, you want to have more than your opponent. It’s always a competition with other players. You want to have more than them.
    But, I feel that generally, if the total stats of your tutors are double your base stats, you should be green. Also, tutors will become one of the best sources of profit for you. Bumping under-priced tutors and gaining a monopoly of the tutor market has, and always will be, the metagame of successful clubs. Whoever commands the most TB, rules.

    Pots (1d)

    With larger base stats you should be able to keep a lifetime supply of Pots on hand because of your high plunder.
    So buy a few thousand or hundred thousand of each so you never run out. Be smart. Until a.t.a decides to release awesome pots that cost hundreds of millions and billions each [ :') Please do ], pots provide an indispensable benefit to pvp for a very low cost.

    RS Date (2)

    With a build above 10mcs base stats, you should be able to be on dates constantly. You may not want to use it constantly but never hesitate in starting one up. Like with pots, they are cheap and give you a great bonus to your defense or attack.

    TS/DVP (1-x)

    TS and DVP can go very right, or very wrong. It is a market for cash, and as in any market, you can make a net profit or loss. If you are losing in your deals, this is a big, red X, and a waste od your time and resources. DVP, and TS, especially if free, is a major (1).
    Go by your own nose in the market and ask people you trust for advice.

    PRO TIP: If you do TS and DVP without making a tutor overpriced, you will always be in the green because people voluntarily hire underpriced tutors, and when someone inevitably hires the tutor off you, you can do more volleying. Regardless of whether you got a fair item for the dvp you gave or not, when someone hires your tutor you can just try again because what you were refunded for what you spent.

    ECS/Extra Credits

    RS/Relationship (1) -79ecs-

    Having an RS will allow you to purchase RS dates, and they will also drastically increase your stats, more than TB, but really, the ability to choose what RS date you want is one of the most crucial mechanics in pvp at higher levels. They could become better if a.t.a buffed them, same as pots, but they are still good.

    NOTE: An RS going inactive or breaking can be very expensive. You don’t want 1 per month. Pick an RS that will stay active and will not want to break up with you for a long time. And as a mega tip of courtesy.
    COURTESY TIP: If the other person asked you out, do not break RS without discussing it thoroughly with them.

    Hypnocats (2a) -69ecs-

    Cats get interesting as builds increase in base stats because your plunder changes, and the best way to use them changes to rely on your own plunder.

    Selling hypnocats for dvp becomes less beneficial compared to parties as you upgrade your base stats, and at some stage, dropping cats for yourself starts to be more beneficial than selling them for dvp.

    DNS (2b) -10ecs-

    DNS are always beneficial regardless of your stats. They're indispensable during promos and club wars, and have various applications in PvP.

    CAUTION: Avoid using DNS on jobs or parties.

    Direct Purchase from A.T.A

    % stat items (2)

    These items are only good for PvP. You should already know a lot of farming techniques and have participated in some wars before reaching this stage, but regardless, before committing to spend real money to purchase these, assess your own PvP abilities. Having any stats only serves to help you in PvP. But like any martial artist, if you don’t have the skills, your tools may completely go to waste. Before purchasing these or expensive showcase items, I strongly suggest getting accustomed to PvP mechanics on PIMD, and if/when you feel comfortable with your abilities, purchase the improvements to your tools.
    Read through this guide, and do some practice, really push your abilities and polish your technique before purchasing this.

    These items can be found in the store, in Molly’s Corner. There are 3 purchasable packs including % misc items.

    JD’s pal pack ($2 USD), with a 2%/2% item,

    Molly’s BFF Bundle ($10 USD), with a 4%/4% item, and

    Tess’ Confidante Combo ($30 USD), with a 6%/6% bonus.
    They total 12%/12% and cost $42 USD.
    (prices may differ if you live outside of the US)

    These are unnecessary and will be totally wasted if you don’t have good tactics. So to stress it again, practice your PvP and finetune your skills before committing to purchasing these.

    Spin tokens

    These don’t really deserve a section because you can only use them in 1 way, the spinner.
    Buying these is not worth it. Watching ads and opening the box on your home screen will get you more than enough.

    That’s the first tip, and the second tip regarding these is that you should only spin at the beginning of new spinner events when the items are worth the most, to sell them for as much as possible.


    Please put thoughts below. I'd like to incorporate all of them into the final thread <3

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