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  1. My bad, pimd is #168, Kaw is #110 both dropping.
  2. I don't know if it's jus me and a few others that have this issue with the plunder decreasing with any upgrades past t6 lvl3 BC... I thought it was due to having too much invested in tutors... Dropped a few to no changes and then started thinking it might be the opposite with not having enough invested in tutors... Started hiring more only to see the max plunder decrease again... Why is that..?
  3. yep down and down
  4. T7 is coming out...

    Time to quit!
  5. 50%...holy shit. 
  6. If only we knew. I would have never spent all my Money on upgrading yesterday ??
  7. Mike, it was pointed out months ago that plunder drops after t6l2. So for those who do nothing but party, upgrading is a waste.

    Hold out for t7.
  8. The same happens with t4 Lvl 2-4. Just wait til t7
  9. With all the promotions and the RolePlay button coming out lately, this game is nothing than a happi shiat.️?
  10. Makes me wanna stop playing....
    Seems we r all chaseing the impossible dream!
    I lcbc'd last time right b4 t6 n BAM!
    "Keep trying kp"-ata
    N I JUST lcbc this am n now THIS !!
    When we ask for thing we r told the codeing is a lot of work n blah blah BLAH!
    BUT u have NP codeing so we have to spend more $$ to line ur pockets!!!
    Heare's a idea.....
    Think of the ppl who play hard just to get slapped in the face by YOU!
    Way to show u care ...Rant complete
    Happy pimdin!
  11. I see this event as a cover up, a distraction.

    Ohhh well.
  12. Illuminati
  13. Basically ATA made a mistake by soliciting a rating for another game. They attempted to cover it up with just giving away the x3 promo and deleting the thread.
    This lead people to have so much money that ATA is doing this to get people to spend it.
    I don't think this means t7 is anywhere close, just that ATA trying to fix the mess they created. Too bad it'll just cause more of a mess....
  14. Volley me pleade i am new here please
  15. I just dropped 2.2T worth of tutors a week ago to become LCBC and now this?That sucks.
  16. @noel from page 15 , what happened to your war? i swear you just complained like we did on 3x cc promo ( tho you were in b2b cc club) so now you are thanking them for this? seems legit honney
  17. Yeah she did haha
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