Go on an Interactive Date With Me

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  1. You need to make one of these hehe.
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  2. But I am technologically and socially challenged. Haha
  3. Support af I wanna date sherily
  4. Is super easy if you use the website I used, just a lil time consuming. No pressure doe
  5. [​IMG]

    I'll poke around on the website when I get home from work but I'll probably end up making something weirder and more confusing. 🌞
  6. Thanks for the picnic🤧 it was very nice
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  7. You are most welcome
  8. You threw up on my shoes. Best date so far 🤠
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  9. you laughed at my drink choice :( i’m heartbroken.
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  10. I sori, lemonade isn't that bad.
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  11. I tried all but it always fail. My last try, I swiped left :(
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  12. I got to the geese choice and I wished so hard for a third option of "avoid the geese completely"
    They are absolute devils, do not interact :( abort mission
    why couldn't we find some ducks to feed instead :(
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  13. 10/10 Chicken Nuggets. Best Game Evar
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  14. Still waiting with a hopeful heart but no pressure
  15. Oh, I totally forgot about this. Haha
    I can do it today! :D
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