Gender-Neutral Avis

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  1. I know there are many players who are gender neutral, gender fluid, agender, etc, but there aren't avis that accurately depict this. It's only male or female. Maybe the devs could consider making this an option?
  2. Pass on that, gender isn't really all that important.
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  3. The developers have represented the LGBT community a lot, especially during Pride month. Here’s a link to 2018’s Pride event and here’s a link to the 2021 event, there’s ton more but ATA definitely are ceos of representation.
  4. I feel like they don't represent us, Americans, enough, just saying. I want a McDonald's hunt. Fries can drop from parties, and we can collect them to get misc, happy meal toys, obesity, idk, just want more American representation
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  5. 😟…
  6. I actually really like this idea. The theme sounds so-bad-that-it’s-good, and a hunt lampooning American fast food, unhealthiness, and consumerism would be a lot of fun. It’d be hilarious to see Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar and Wendy avatars, but sadly, ATA probably won’t move in that direction.
  7. I have the floral flair & amor rojo avi, both of whom are very 🏳️‍🌈 and hard to distinguish their gender, so to speak. There’s a lot of androgynous avis, maybe not any available for purchase or acquisition at the moment, but if you keep playing, you will have a chance.
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  8. Oh, okay, thank you.
  9. All of my Ava’s are gender neutral….Js
  10. They should make better beds for da males. I want my room to be Fye🔥
  11. How stupid. And you Americans get enough of it every July while Canada is ignored 😒
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  12. Support
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  13. I really like this idea. Hope ATA release more lgbtq+ avatars not only in June but also on a regular hunt.
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  14. …. What about the avi makes them lgbtq+? Any avi can be lgbtq. They don’t have a back story.
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  15. I like the idea but i dont want a bunch of short haired girl avis. I love long hair guys but eh- idk what im trying to say.. im down bad
  16. We've seen a lot more gender-neutral avis in more recent years, but I'm sure many players would like to see this.
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  17. Why assume the gender of avatars based on their appearance? They could all be gender-neutral.

    As Drugs said, no back story, so you can fill it in and give your avatars any gender that you want.

    Androgynous fashion isn't necessary for gender neutrality but if you want that, you should say it.
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